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We are back with another guest post on the blog. Jane Antonovich from Jane Antonovich Designs is back with part 4 of the 4 part Feng Shui Series on the MPM blog. If you missed part 1, you can check it out here: Feng Shui for Love and Romance. If you missed part 2, you can check it out here: Feng Shui for Health and Wellness. Lastly, if you missed part 3, you can check it out here: Living Room Love

The Feng Shui Ripple Effect…

Last month, in the middle of an AWESOME day of choosing tile, cabinets, paint color, lighting and wallpaper for her gorgeous new bathroom a client asked me this excellent question…

Q: “How do you see the Feng Shui work you do impacting the world on a broader, more expansive level? Because even though we’re having a BIG FUN DAY choosing items for the bathroom, I know this work goes deeper than faucets and colors and grout…”

A: That is a GREAT question! And one that impacts the work I do with every single client…

MY MISSION: To Raise the Vibration of the Planet by enhancing the energy of the environments in which my clients live and work.

There are layers to this work…

1–When your home or office has had a Full Feng Shui Design Enhancement and it’s humming at an optimal vibration–then you’ve got maximum support from your environment FOR YOUR LIFE!!! You feel better, you have extra energy and more space to invite in opportunities and gifts that will lift you up. AMAZING things happen when your home becomes aligned with your greater self!

2–Then…your fully supported self feels SO FANTASTIC that s/he carries those good feelings out into the world, impacting family, friends, coworkers and strangers all day long. The good vibes ripple out beautifully filling others with love and good feelings, too.

The better you feel, the more you can share the love with others and the more love and peace and goodwill in this world, the better.

3–Now…you feel so dynamic and empowered that not only are you a shining, brilliant beacon to others–you have space and energy to deliver your gifts and talents to the world–the cure, the art, the vision, the revelation, the invention, the innovation, the gadget, the gizmo, the discovery, the change, the shift, the theories–the (whatever it is!) that can only come from you.

Shifts big and small add up to a world where things are BETTER–WAY BETTER!

And–The Better It Gets, The Better it Gets!

So, this is not just about making the house look pretty–it goes WAY deeper than that…

This is about changing the planet! Spreading Love, Spreading Light, and Creating a Better World. Are you in?

Please contact me (info below) if you would like to talk about how Feng Shui Design can support your life AND the planet. I would love to talk with you personally.

Lots of Love,

Jane Antonovich is a Feng Shui Designer, Organizing Expert, and founder of Jane Antonovich Designs ( Jane has a wealth of personal and professional wisdom in the fields of Feng Shui, Interior Design and Organization — with an uncanny ability to spot the hidden (yet profound) links between your homes, office, and environments… and the level of success and happiness you experience in your life.

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Photography: Hailey Reimer, Mason Hegeman


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    • Hi Jan!

      It’s a gorgeous paper created by Cole and Son, “woods and pears” Wallpaper is such an amazing way to lift the energy of a space and can correct for odd angles and little or no art–we have so much fun with paper! Head over to our gallery page to see a couple of other examples…

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