What to Do This Weekend in Madison | Labor Day Weekend Happenings

Summer is coming to an end, but we have one more chance at a last hoorah before it’s back to school. This weekend is Labor Day weekend and there are many fun and exciting events going on in the Madison area! We’ve put together a list of what to do, from music to food to exercise.

Friday, September 1st

SUP Yoga – Outdoors on the water at the Wisconsin Union at 7:15 am, $14/class.

Terrace Yoga – Terrace at the Memorial Union at 7 am, $7 per class.

Football: UW Madison vs. Utah State – Camp Randall – 8 pm.P1090464 Continue reading

Get Out on the Madison Lakes this Summer!

lakes mendota madisonMadison is known for its lakes, but how many of us actually get out on that water? You may think you need to know someone with a boat to get some lake action, but there are plenty of other ways to get out on the water and enjoy the lakes this summer! We’ve put together a list for the Madison area below.

Madison Beaches

Enjoy some fun soaking up the sun on the beach, plus it’s FREE! The Madison Parks provides seasonal lifeguard services at select beaches. Check the city website for more details and closures.
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5 Ways to Enjoy the Memorial Union Terrace this Season | Guest Blog – Wisconsin Union

We are excited to have the Wisconsin Union as our guest blogger for this week’s blog post. The Wisconsin Union’s Memorial Union was is located on the shores of Lake Mendota at 800 Langdon Street in Madison. Below, they are sharing their 5 ways to enjoy the Memorial Union Terrace this season.

Wisconsin Union Terrace

The Wisconsin Union’s Memorial Union Terrace has been a staple at the University of Wisconsin-Madison since the membership organization opened its doors in 1928. Though the Terrace has changed a lot in the last 89 years, the newly renovated lakefront space is better than ever. As a place that students, tourists and Union members alike can enjoy, the Terrace is your go-to hub for summer fun. Here are some of the best ways to enjoy the Terrace this season.
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Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in Madison

cloverHappy St. Patrick’s Day Madison!  Students have just finished up midterms, the UW Badger Men’s Basketball team won vs. Virginia Tech last night, and it’s FRIDAY.  It can’t get much better than that, huh?  It’s time to celebrate St. Patty’s Day!  Although a lot of the bar hops and other St. Patty’s Day events happened last weekend, we’ve put together a list of places to go this weekend to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day.

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Anti-Valentine’s Day: 5 Things to Do This Week that aren’t to Celebrate Valentine’s Day!

anti-valentine's dayWhether you’re single, just had a bad break up, don’t believe in the “hallmark” holiday, or just trying to avoid anything having to do with LOVE around Valentine’s Day, we have some great alternative ideas for the week of Valentine’s day that are anti-Valentine’s Day.

  1. Treat Yourself.

Buy something for yourself.  Maybe it’s that amazing leather jacket you’ve had your eye on.  Buy yourself flowers, champagne and chocolates.  Who says you need a significant other to buy you those things anyway?  Buy them for yourself and enjoy!

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Post-Holiday Blues: What to do in the Madison Area During your Winter Break

MadisonChristmas is over, our bellies are full of cookies and hot cocoa, and we’re all out of money after graciously giving so many holiday gifts. So, now what do you do? We have found some great, fun activities for you to do in and around Madison between now and the end of your winter break that involve little or no cost.

 Outdoor Winter Break Activities

Ice Skating

There are lots of parks in the Madison area that offer free ice skating, some even offer skate rentals.  Click here for more information on locations that are open. If you are interested in ice skating lessons, check this site out for more information.

Winter Break Ice Skating Madison

Tenney Park, Madison Wisconsin

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Your Madison Thanksgiving Back-Up Plan

thanksgivingAre you hosting a get together, but don’t feel like cooking? What happens if you attempt a thanksgiving turkey for the first time and it doesn’t turn out well? What do you do if your travel plans are interrupted and you’re stuck spending thanksgiving alone? How do you accommodate more guests than planned when your friends all bring unexpected plus ones? Don’t worry, your Thanksgiving feast is safe!  There are many restaurants open on Thanksgiving Day for brunch or dinner, and many of them even deliver! With the help of Madison.com and Madisonstories.com, we’ve gathered a list of delivery/pick up as well as some dine-in options in and around the Madison area, so you can have your plan B ready to go in case the unexpected pops up.

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Spring Break

calendar marchHave you ever thought about a “staycation” for spring break this year? Sticking around Madison to relax, laugh, eat and sleep could be fabulous! If you’re not one of the lucky few who gets to travel somewhere warm this year, we’d like to offer you a few ideas to make your spring break in Madison just as special.

Our suggestions to help you plan the perfect staycation:

  • Relax: Doesn’t laying around on the couch for a few hours and just breathing or catching up with your Netflix queue sound like a great break from the hectic life you lead? Taking a day or two to recoup might be just what the doctor prescribed.
  • Be Productive: So, we know, being told to do school work during Spring Break may sound bizarre. But, once you’ve caught up on some much needed sleep, you might just be itching to do something productive. Spring break is a great opportunity to catch up on your coursework from the past few weeks. If you’re already caught up, use a day or two to kick it into high gear and get ahead of the game. Down the road, this just might give you a little spare time you never thought you’d have.
  • Work: It can’t hurt to make a little extra cash this week! With lots of students leaving Madison for the week, you can score major brownie points with your boss by picking up extra shifts. If you don’t have a job, this could the perfect time do some career searching. Sending in a few resumes and even scheduling an interview or two would be a great spring break success story.
  • Volunteer: If you’re interested in using your spring break to make a difference, we recommend volunteering. There are plenty of opportunities out there to work with non-profit organizations in our community. Check out these websites to see if there is anything around you that sparks some interest: http://www.volunteermatch.org/ OR http://www.volunteeryourtime.org/
  • Have Fun: There are always things happening in and around Madison. Consider checking out a show at the Overture Center, doing something outside at a city park, or visiting a part of town you haven’t explored yet. For specific ideas, these community calendars list many of Madison’s upcoming events and attractions:

Trust us when we say that spring break in Madison can be fun, relaxing, and even productive! Whether you’re staying or leaving, we wish you a great week off! We will see you when you get back. 🙂