The Feng Shui Ripple Effect | Guest Blog Post – Jane Antonovich

We are back with another guest post on the blog. Jane Antonovich from Jane Antonovich Designs is back with part 4 of the 4 part Feng Shui Series on the MPM blog. If you missed part 1, you can check it out here: Feng Shui for Love and Romance. If you missed part 2, you can check it out here: Feng Shui for Health and Wellness. Lastly, if you missed part 3, you can check it out here: Living Room Love Continue reading

10 Things You Can Let go of by the Time You’re 30 | Guest Blogger – Jane Antonovich

We are excited to welcome Jane Antonovich as our guest blogger this week. Jane is a Feng Shui Designer and Organizational Expert who has worked with MPM in the past at our Galaxie building. She designed the leasing office and the Galaxie model studio and did such a great job. Learn more about Jane at the end of the post.

If you’re holding on to furniture or decor from college or your twenties, It’s time to take a Deep Breath and envision yourself 5 years, even 10 years from now…

What kind of home will you be in? House? Apartment? Condo? Cabin? Bungalow? How will your home feel? Beautiful? Peaceful? Shelter from the fast, zippy world outside?

Will any of the items in this list still be part of your design?

Consider how it would feel to let go of any or all of these as you dream into your future:

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Home Office Solutions for Your Apartment

home office in your apartmentIt can be difficult to work from home when you live in a smaller space, or have to share a space with roommates.  Although it may seem impossible, it definitely is possible.  Below are some ideas, tips and tricks to turn your small or shared space in your apartment into a comfortable home office area.

Finding the Perfect Space for Your Home Office Area

Think about where your ideal work space would be in your apartment.  A place where you can work comfortably and efficiently.  Do you need a quiet space? Do you want to be away from any noises that others are making in the home while you work?  Or are you okay with a little noise and can work through anything?  These are just a few of the things to consider when choosing where your home office space will be.  The second thing to think about is space.

If you are wanting something quiet and away from any other action in the house, think about using a spare bedroom, unused closet, or part of your bedroom.  Think of somewhere that you will not be distracted.  If you are okay working in an area that has lots of traffic or noise when anyone is home, then try to find an area in your living room or hallway that would fit your office space.
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Practical and Unique Hacks for Apartment Living

A little bit of organization can make apartment life a LOT simpler. It may sound like a lot of work, but life can be easily improved by using just a few creative solutions for overcoming the inconveniences of living in a small space. Continue reading

Apps to Make a UW Student’s Life Easier

Because of society’s focus on constantly improving technology, our world has become more and more mobile-friendly.  While this may complicate your life if you’re not tech-savvy, there are many user-friendly options out there to help simplify your life.

Being a college student is a tough gig – you have classes to attend, friends to make, jobs to work, tests to take, and family to keep in touch with. Balancing all of this can be difficult, but there are apps you can use on your smartphone or tablet to help you keep everything organized and accomplish your goals.

Click on any of the specific App Icons to download.

Madison-Specific Apps

  1. Bucky Book: This app if full of coupon deals. Find coupons for Madison area restaurants and even some retail businesses!
 Bucky Book
  1. Badger Beat: You will be a UW athletic pro with this app! It has pre-game, in-game and post-game analyses, breaking news, blogs and columns, game results, and photo galleries.
 Badger Beat
  1. Hooked: Hooked allows you to see restaurant deals offered near you.  The deals are offered exclusively to those with the app and last for a few hours at a time.
  1. Belly: Belly is used at participating local retail locations as a loyalty program. Individuals who sign up can use the app or a card to interact with the screen at the physical location. You have a chance to win or collect points every time you utilize the app with a purchase.
  1. Mobile UW: This is an App run by The University of Wisconsin, and it contains a lot of helpful information for UW students, faculty, and fans. With this app, you have access to a directory, maps, athletics info, events, bus routes, and more.
 UW App
  1. Fetch: This app has coupons specifically for Fresh Madison Market, a staple if you live in the heart of campus.
  1. Moocho: You can use this App to pay for groceries at Metcalfe’s and other participating stores. It also gives you access to discounts and special offers.
  1. 77 Square: This app is a primary source of local entertainment information. You will find local listings, reviews and recommendations for events, dining, music, movies, arts, and theater. It’s great for ideas on new things to do in Madison.
 77 square
  1. UW Bus: Use this app for real-time bus information. Plan your route and find the most efficient way to get around. Even receive arrival notification!
 UW Bus

 College Student Apps

  1. Self Control / Rescue Time: These time-management apps helps you track how productive you are, so you can save time in the future.
 Rescue Time Self Control
  1. Find My Car! : Have a hard time remembering where you parked? Or how long until your meter is up? This app is for you.
 Find My Car
  1. Circle of 6 : This violence prevention app allows you to contact and alert 6 friends at the touch of a button. It’s the perfect app to have when walking home from the library late at night!
 Circle of 6
  1. Sleep if U Can: This alarm clock app will force you out of bed by sounding obnoxiously until you take a picture of another room.
 Sleep if you can
  1. Wi Fi Finder: This app will show you the nearest Wi-Fi connections and even give you directions to them!
 Wifi Finder
  1. Study Blue: Easily make flash cards and find study tools for your class content.
 Study Blue
  1. Voice Recorder: Use this app to record and save anything from entire lectures to random ideas you have when your fingers are too cold to text walking to class.
 Voice Record
  1. Cliffnotes: You know what this is for…
 Cliff Notes
  1. Evernote: Save information across devices; take notes, keep lists, and stay organized.
  1. Scribd: Perfect for anyone who loves a digital-read; this app will allow you to read unlimited books!
  1. Dropbox /Google Drive: Great for group projects and sharing documents across devices, this app will give you remote access from any browser and computer.
  1. iHomework: This app is like an ultimate assignment notebook, awesome for busy weeks at school!

Roommates, Shared Space and a Happy Face

These three ideas should define apartment living, but all too often, the dynamic between roommates can change after the honeymoon stage of a live-in friendship has worn off. Cohabitation isn’t the easiest thing to master, but we have a few suggestions to keep in mind as you navigate the ups and downs of sharing your space with others.

The most important aspect of a relationship with your roomies is communication. A lack of good, clear communication is the root of many heated debates and can cause extreme tension between cohabiters.

It might seem silly, but being upfront about your expectations is crucial before moving in with someone.  To make sure everyone remains on the same page, we recommend reviewing these expectations within the first week of living in your new home.  Setting ground rules makes it much easier to have a mutual understanding of your shared space, and exceptions to these rules can always be discussed on a case-by-case basis when unique circumstances arise.

Conflict can occur, even between the most amicable of roommates.  If a roomie does something that irks you, it’s important to address the issue right away so resentment doesn’t build over time.  Although it’s important to be open and honest, we recommend doing so with a conversation rather than a confrontation.   Whether it’s asking your roommates to check with you before throwing a party on a Tuesday night or having a conversation about which food items you are and aren’t willing to share, your roommates are much more likely to understand your point of view if you talk with them respectfully.  Along the same lines, be open to a little constructive criticism from your cohabiters and be and willing to compromise or make some changes in your behavior.Roommates

The following are little tricks you and your roommates can implement to maintain positive communication in your household:


  • Create a chore chart so each person can clearly see what needs to be done.
  • Assign permanent duties for each person. (e.g. you will always clean this and your roommate will always clean ) This system will ensure that responsibilities are clear and easy to remember.
  • Set clear expectations for when regular cleaning should occur.
  • Clean up after yourself.

makeupBathroom usage and Organization

  • Talk about schedules and come up with a routine so your roommate isn’t late to work because he or she has to wait for you to finish your 30 minute shower in the morning.
  • Make sure each person has a designated shelf/drawer/etc. so finding your own toiletries is easy.
  • Have a caddy or bin that you can easily access so you can take part of your morning routine into your bedroom as needed.
  • Be courteous of your roommates’ privacy, and understand that their hygiene routines may be different from yours.

Kitchen Use

  • Decide if you and your roomies will buy food together and share it or if you’d prefer to keep your groceries separate. Either option can work well (as long as all parties are on the same page).
  • Talk about doing dishes, sharing appliances, filling water pitchers, re-stocking ice cube trays, and other shared responsibilities.

Paying Bills

  • If you are sharing and splitting bills, make a calendar that denotes when bills are due.
  • Stick to payment deadlines.
  • Have a white board on your fridge where you can clearly write out/divide the bills so each person knows exactly how much he or she owes and why.

Shared Space– Parallel play

  • You don’t have to hide out in your own bedroom to do something that you want to do alone, and it’s important to feel comfortable near your roommates without feeling the need to partake in their every activity. A great way to hang out together while still taking some time for yourself is called parallel play. Realize that it is completely okay to be in the same room with your roommates while doing different things.  Parallel play can even be a bonding experience of sorts.

If you and your roomies utilize some of these tips this year, we’re confident that your living experience will be a great one!