Getting Ready to Move in Madison: Non-Campus Resident Tips

packing to moveYou may have read our post last year about ‘Getting Ready to Move‘, but we felt it necessary to share it again (with a few updates) because you can never be too prepared to move out of your apartment. Moving season for non-campus area apartments is here, so be prepared and avoid stress by following these helpful tips and advice.

Moving Company

If you plan on using a moving company to move, start looking early and find the best fit for you. It’s busy moving season, so be sure to book them well in advance. If you plan to move without a moving company, make sure you are prepared with vehicles that will fit your furniture and extra help if needed. Continue reading

The Apartment Checklist

Whether you are moving into your first apartment or you are an “old pro” making yet another move to yet another apartment just down the street, using checklist to help your move go smoothly is a must! You can use a checklist to make sure you have just what you need, organize what you still want to get, and make sure you’re on the same page as your roommates about who is bringing what. Continue reading