4th of July Fireworks & Other Independence Day Celebrations in the Madison Area | 2017

4th of julyIndependence Day commemorates the adoption of the Declaration of Independence on July 4th, 1776. Most people associate the 4th of July with parades, carnivals, baseball games, family celebrations, and most importantly, fireworks! With Rhythm and Booms no longer being put on in the Madison area, we’ve rounded up local options for your fireworks fix, as well as other celebrations in the Madison area for 2017’s 4th of July!

Saturday, June 24th – Shake the Lake

Live music and family-friendly entertainment from 4pm-11pm on John Nolan Drive. Fireworks will begin at dusk. Learn more about the event and see the full entertainment lineup at http://shakethelake.org/entertainment/

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Activities to do Outside near Madison Before Spring Hits

It will be April before you know it!  Instead of hibernating inside all winter, there are a few great activities you can try to make the season a little more bearable and a lot more fun.

Winter bucket list ideas.

First of all, snowshoeing is awesome! Find your hiking boots, check out one of the local trails, and rent some snowshoes. Dress warm, and you will not be disappointed. Snowshoeing is a bit of a work out, so don’t wear too many layers.  For a list of great trails in Madison check here: http://www.cityofmadison.com/parks/snowshoeing/ Rent snowshoes from REI, Rutabaga, Fontana, the Arboretum or Outdoor rentals on Campus.

Once you have mastered snowshoeing, cross country skiing is the perfect next step to take with your new found winter sport enthusiasm. You can enjoy cross country skiing in many of the same areas that snowshoeing is available. Some trails do require a trail pass, many of which you can purchase with cash on site. Find ski trails here: http://www.cityofmadison.com/parks/facilities/skiTrails.cfm

If you are willing to travel a little and invest a few dollars for winter entertainment, we recommend trying downhill skiing or snowboarding on area hills. Popular places just outside of Madison include, Tyrol Basin, Cascade, Devils Head, and Christmas Mountain.

Here is the question we have to ask; do you know if there is an outdoor skating rink close to you? Check here: http://www.cityofmadison.com/parks/facilities/iceRinks.cfm. There’s also a new rink at the New Edgewater Hotel! Ice Skating is great solo, on a date, or in a group, which makes it such a promising option for your weekend plans!

For the most affordable fun, convince your roommates to get outside with you! Make snow angels, build a snowman, build an igloo, go sledding, and have a snowball fight. Feel free to watch the movie Snow Day for inspiration.

Now there is something we haven’t tried ourselves yet, but we sure do see a lot of it out on the lake: ice fishing! Just make sure you have a fishing license. Let us know how it goes and any tips you might have.

Have any other fun ideas for ways to make the most of the winter? Post them Here or mention us in a tweet @MadisonProperty