10 Camping Hacks + Places to Camp Near Madison, WI

Summer has finally arrived. Now that you’re set with our grilling tips and recipes, it’s time to start planning out the fun summertime activities, like camping. We’ve rounded up 10 of the best Pinterest hacks you can use for camping this summer, plus a list of the camping sites near Madison.

  1. Dirty Shoe Storage

    Keep those shoes from getting your tent dirty. Don’t leave your shoes outside of the tent just because they are dirty. Buy cheap shower caps to place your shoes in while keeping them inside your tent.

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The Great Outdoors: Get Out There!

Camping_WisconsinIt’s time to get outside and enjoy all Wisconsin has to offer. Sure, you have work or summer school and probably don’t have a lot of time, so we are going to talk about some quick ways to get out into the great outdoors this summer, focusing on the Wisconsin State Parks! Continue reading