Back to School Special + Featured Property

Welcome back to all of the students! We hope you all had a wonderful holiday break and wish you a Happy New Year! As we come up on the end of the second week back, are you back into the school groove yet, or still working on it?! We know coming back from a long break can be difficult! Be sure to check out our post on How to Recover from the Post-Holiday Food Coma! The post has tips that will help you get back into the groove of things and get you ready to hit those books again! Continue reading

Back to the Books

Back-to-schoolIt’s exciting to be back in Madison and to get back into the swing of things.  Are you back in the swing of things yet? It’s been more than a week. We get it…it can be hard returning to classes, homework, and responsibilities after nearly a month away.  It’s understandable that some of you might not be ready for an amazing winter break to be over.  Either way, the start to spring semester is a reality every college student must face. Let’s get you going with some motivation! Continue reading

Apps to Make a UW Student’s Life Easier

Because of society’s focus on constantly improving technology, our world has become more and more mobile-friendly.  While this may complicate your life if you’re not tech-savvy, there are many user-friendly options out there to help simplify your life.

Being a college student is a tough gig – you have classes to attend, friends to make, jobs to work, tests to take, and family to keep in touch with. Balancing all of this can be difficult, but there are apps you can use on your smartphone or tablet to help you keep everything organized and accomplish your goals.

Click on any of the specific App Icons to download.

Madison-Specific Apps

  1. Bucky Book: This app if full of coupon deals. Find coupons for Madison area restaurants and even some retail businesses!
 Bucky Book
  1. Badger Beat: You will be a UW athletic pro with this app! It has pre-game, in-game and post-game analyses, breaking news, blogs and columns, game results, and photo galleries.
 Badger Beat
  1. Hooked: Hooked allows you to see restaurant deals offered near you.  The deals are offered exclusively to those with the app and last for a few hours at a time.
  1. Belly: Belly is used at participating local retail locations as a loyalty program. Individuals who sign up can use the app or a card to interact with the screen at the physical location. You have a chance to win or collect points every time you utilize the app with a purchase.
  1. Mobile UW: This is an App run by The University of Wisconsin, and it contains a lot of helpful information for UW students, faculty, and fans. With this app, you have access to a directory, maps, athletics info, events, bus routes, and more.
 UW App
  1. Fetch: This app has coupons specifically for Fresh Madison Market, a staple if you live in the heart of campus.
  1. Moocho: You can use this App to pay for groceries at Metcalfe’s and other participating stores. It also gives you access to discounts and special offers.
  1. 77 Square: This app is a primary source of local entertainment information. You will find local listings, reviews and recommendations for events, dining, music, movies, arts, and theater. It’s great for ideas on new things to do in Madison.
 77 square
  1. UW Bus: Use this app for real-time bus information. Plan your route and find the most efficient way to get around. Even receive arrival notification!
 UW Bus

 College Student Apps

  1. Self Control / Rescue Time: These time-management apps helps you track how productive you are, so you can save time in the future.
 Rescue Time Self Control
  1. Find My Car! : Have a hard time remembering where you parked? Or how long until your meter is up? This app is for you.
 Find My Car
  1. Circle of 6 : This violence prevention app allows you to contact and alert 6 friends at the touch of a button. It’s the perfect app to have when walking home from the library late at night!
 Circle of 6
  1. Sleep if U Can: This alarm clock app will force you out of bed by sounding obnoxiously until you take a picture of another room.
 Sleep if you can
  1. Wi Fi Finder: This app will show you the nearest Wi-Fi connections and even give you directions to them!
 Wifi Finder
  1. Study Blue: Easily make flash cards and find study tools for your class content.
 Study Blue
  1. Voice Recorder: Use this app to record and save anything from entire lectures to random ideas you have when your fingers are too cold to text walking to class.
 Voice Record
  1. Cliffnotes: You know what this is for…
 Cliff Notes
  1. Evernote: Save information across devices; take notes, keep lists, and stay organized.
  1. Scribd: Perfect for anyone who loves a digital-read; this app will allow you to read unlimited books!
  1. Dropbox /Google Drive: Great for group projects and sharing documents across devices, this app will give you remote access from any browser and computer.
  1. iHomework: This app is like an ultimate assignment notebook, awesome for busy weeks at school!