Setting up a Garden on Your Apartment Balcony

You’ve probably heard that you should wait until after Mother’s Day to plant any type of plant, and that’s usually the case, especially this year in Wisconsin. We have had a few nights where frost has been imminent.  With Mother’s Day just around the corner, now is the perfect time to start planning your garden.  We’ve rounded up the best tips from Pinterest that will help with setting up the perfect garden on your balcony.

Make a plan

Think about what types of plants you want in your garden and make a plan. Choose plants/herbs that you know you will eat or use. Know when to grow what- see the vegetable/herb grower’s cheat sheet below.

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Staying Safe on your Apartment Balcony



Fall is upon us, but there’s still time to enjoy the perks of your balcony, deck or patio before Jack Frost comes calling.  Balconies are a simple amenity, yet they make entertaining so much easier!  Whether you’re pre-gaming for the Badger game or watching the sunset with a friend, keep yourself and your guests safe while using your balcony by avoiding these balcony no-no’s.


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