10 “Out of the Ordinary” Spring Cleaning Ideas for Your Apartment

spring cleaningSpring has sprung! Time for warmer weather, sunshine, and April showers that bring May flowers. It’s also time for some spring cleaning! We all dread it, but once it’s done, it feels so good!  You’ve probably already read our previous posts about spring cleaning (if not- check them out here and here), but we are here to share with you some out of the ordinary spring cleaning ideas for your apartment.

Clean Your Rugs

Whether it’s a large area rug or a small entry way rug, they may look okay, however they may be hiding lots of dust and dirt. Start by taking them outside and shaking them out. Hang them over your balcony and use a broom to “smack” the dirt out.  Once that’s done, sprinkle some baking soda or carpet deodorizer on them, let them sit and vacuum over them. Another way to clean them is to rent a carpet cleaner and run it over the rugs.

Organize Your DVD or Book Collection

There are a few ways we like to organize a book collection- alphabetically or by size. You can also keep any books you have not read in one spot for easy access.  We also like to organize our DVD collections alphabetically.  Just like with DVD’s, ordering them alphabetically makes it easier to find your favorite movies when you’re ready to watch them.

spring cleaning DVD collection

Change Out Your Seasonal Bedding

Spring means warmer weather, so if you have thicker bedding, like flannel sheets and thick quilts or comforters, swap them out for a thinner, cotton sheet and lighter comforter.

Rotate and/or Flip Your Mattresses

Check the instructions on your mattress first to see what is recommended. Rotating and/or flipping the mattress is necessary to prolong the life of the mattress.  When you sleep in the same spot all of the time, that spot wears down.  By flipping or rotating the mattress, you are sleeping in a different spot of the bed, keeping everything more even.  Check out this wikihow on Caring for Your Mattress Consistently and Safely.


Clean the Inside of Your Trash Cans

You may think that garbage bags keep the inside of your trash can from getting dirty, but there’s always some kind of leak or tear that causes the bottom to become filthy. If you have a lid on the trash can, food scraps or any other gunk have most likely touched or gotten stuck to the lid.  Therefore, it is time to really get in there and clean your garbage can, from the inside out.  Small trash cans can be cleaned easily in the sink or even the dishwasher if they are small enough, but the larger cans need a good spray down.  This can be done in your shower, or outside with a hose depending on your living situation. Use an all purpose cleaner, or dish soap and vinegar.  Dish soap will fight the grease, and vinegar will combat the odors. Let dry or wipe down before putting a fresh bag in there.

De-Calcify Your Faucetsspring cleaning faucet

Faucets and shower heads can become a harboring ground for bacteria, and calcium and lime deposits. Use a Ziploc bag and mix 2 TBSP of baking soda, a few drops of dawn dish soap, and enough vinegar to cover the surface you want to soak.  Place the bag around your faucet and use a rubber band to secure the bag on the faucet.  Let soak for 30 minutes to an hour.  Remove baggie and scrub with a sponge or a toothbrush to remove any leftover lime or calcium.  This is great to try on shower heads too!

Clear Your Drains

Over time, so much goes down our sink and tub drains. If any of your drains are draining slowly, try cleaning them out by snaking the drain. These can be purchased at any hardware store and are very inexpensive.

Wipe Down Your Walls

You may not think your walls get very dirty, but over time, dirt, dust and moisture in the air cause build-up on the walls. Take a clean, damp sponge and give the walls a good wipe down.  You’ll be surprised at how much comes off of them and how much cleaner your walls will look.

Clean Your Exterior Lighting

If you are in an apartment that has exterior lighting, such as outside your front door or on your balcony, these can get very dirty over time.  Give them a good spruce up.  Make sure the light bulb is cold before starting to clean. Clean any glass parts of the fixture with window cleaner and paper towel, and use soap and water for any other needed areas.  Make sure it is completely dry before turning the light on.

Wipe Down Easy to Reach Exterior Windows

If you live on the ground level, or have easy to reach windows, this is the time to get those nice and shiny.  Clean the exterior of any windows that on the first floor level and area easy to reach.

If you have any other out of the ordinary spring cleaning ideas to share, please comment them below!  We’d love to hear them!  Happy Spring Cleaning!

spring cleaning


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