Spring Break

calendar marchHave you ever thought about a “staycation” for spring break this year? Sticking around Madison to relax, laugh, eat and sleep could be fabulous! If you’re not one of the lucky few who gets to travel somewhere warm this year, we’d like to offer you a few ideas to make your spring break in Madison just as special.

Our suggestions to help you plan the perfect staycation:

  • Relax: Doesn’t laying around on the couch for a few hours and just breathing or catching up with your Netflix queue sound like a great break from the hectic life you lead? Taking a day or two to recoup might be just what the doctor prescribed.
  • Be Productive: So, we know, being told to do school work during Spring Break may sound bizarre. But, once you’ve caught up on some much needed sleep, you might just be itching to do something productive. Spring break is a great opportunity to catch up on your coursework from the past few weeks. If you’re already caught up, use a day or two to kick it into high gear and get ahead of the game. Down the road, this just might give you a little spare time you never thought you’d have.
  • Work: It can’t hurt to make a little extra cash this week! With lots of students leaving Madison for the week, you can score major brownie points with your boss by picking up extra shifts. If you don’t have a job, this could the perfect time do some career searching. Sending in a few resumes and even scheduling an interview or two would be a great spring break success story.
  • Volunteer: If you’re interested in using your spring break to make a difference, we recommend volunteering. There are plenty of opportunities out there to work with non-profit organizations in our community. Check out these websites to see if there is anything around you that sparks some interest: http://www.volunteermatch.org/ OR http://www.volunteeryourtime.org/
  • Have Fun: There are always things happening in and around Madison. Consider checking out a show at the Overture Center, doing something outside at a city park, or visiting a part of town you haven’t explored yet. For specific ideas, these community calendars list many of Madison’s upcoming events and attractions:

Trust us when we say that spring break in Madison can be fun, relaxing, and even productive! Whether you’re staying or leaving, we wish you a great week off! We will see you when you get back. 🙂

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