6 Ways to Save on Your Apartment Energy Bill this Spring

We all dread seeing that gas and electric bill come in the mail each month. Now that spring is here and the warmer weather is arriving, we can start turning off those heating sources and start saving a little bit of money. In addition to turning your heat off, here are 5 ways YOU can save on energy in your apartment this spring.

1.    Unplug/ turn off

Be sure to turn off all lights when you leave a room.  This not only helps with the electricity, but it will help keep the room cooler for any lights that give off any heat. Same goes for fans; be sure to turn off all fans when you leave a room.  No need to use a fan when you are not in the room.  Unplug appliances while not in use, like your coffee maker, computers and TV’s. Even though you’re not using them, having them plugged in still uses some energy.
light siwtch

2.    Open up those curtains/blinds

For any windows that don’t have direct sunlight, open up those blinds and curtains to let as much natural daylight in as possible.  This will avoid having to turn on your lights in your apartment. If you have a window that has direct sunlight, try to leave those closed when the sun is hitting. This will keep your apartment more cool.
curtains energy

3.    Open up those windows

Use the chilly nights in spring to cool your apartment and leave windows open during the day while you’re home to keep the apartment as cool as possible.  Avoid turning on the AC for as long as possible, and don’t forget to utilize those fans as necessary.

4.    Use energy efficient light bulbs

Replace your light bulbs with energy efficient bulbs where needed. Find more about saving energy on lighting from MG&E here.

5.    Seal up that AC

If you have a window or wall air conditioner, make sure there are no gaps around the unit that will let air escape. If it is a wall AC, let your landlord know that there are gaps so they can address the issue.  If it is your own window AC, see here for tips on sealing up those gaps.

6.    For Central AC, keep registers and cold air returns clear

Dust, furniture and other objects can easily block the register.  The more blocked the registers and returns, the harder the AC has to work to cool the place, thus using more energy.  Keep those areas open and free of objects/debris.
ac register

Check out MG&E’s Saving Guide where they discuss the renter’s guide to saving energy in your apartment.

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