Roommates: What to Do When One Suddenly Leaves!

catsIt is common in many medium to larger cities for young adults to live with roommates. While some people would love to have their own places, there are plenty of folks out there who love living with friends or who simply enjoy saving money by living with roommates. Regardless of why you might choose to live with others, roommate “issues” are always seem to pop up here and there, even if you’ve been best pals since kindergarten or live with your sibling (sometimes, it can be worse with siblings!). One issue that some residents with roomies encounter is a roommate moving out in the middle of the lease.

Lease Responsibility-Who needs to pay?

At MPM, the majority of renters are on a joint lease, meaning ALL roommates on the lease are equally responsible for ensuring that the entire rent amount is paid each month.  How the roommates choose to divide the cost is up them.  We encourage our residents to draft their own roommate agreements, so each person knows specifically which costs they are responsible for.  At the end of the month, if part of the rent is left unpaid, everyone on the lease is held responsible.

Of course, it can complicate things when one roomie has to move out since everyone on the lease will remain responsible for the entire rent amount until the lease expires, but there are a few options if this situation arises!

  • First things first, the simplest option is that your departing roommate can continue to pay his or her portion of the rent (Or, the remaining roommates can agree to cover it.)
  • Since the option above is typically less than ideal, we recommend working together to find a sublet, keeping in mind that all roommates will have to sign off on the chosen sublet, and they will have to be approved by MPM’s application process. (Ron, can we link to previous blog about subletting and say “learn more about MPM’s sublet process” or something).

Roommate Finder

Did you know we have a great “Roommate Service” that will actually send you a list of others in your area looking for roommates? Fill out the registration form to be added to the roommate search list.  You can read info about potential roommates and contact them directly to see if you might be a good fit before signing a lease together or asking someone to sign on as your sublet.

We are here to help, so contact us with your questions and concerns!

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