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Have you been slacking when it comes to looking for a place to live this fall, and realize you now only have about 2.5 months to find a place? Well, don’t worry, MPM’s got you covered. Whether you’re looking for a place for yourself, or for you and 4 other roommates, we’ve put together a list of some last minute housing options just for you.

High Rises – all utilities, cable and internet included!

high rise housing rent

Efficiencies (1-2 people):

Equinox– monthly rent as low as $587.50 per person.*

420 West – one efficiency unit left!*

One bedrooms or more:

420 West– only a few 2 bedroom units left (up to 4 people)*.

210 N Charter – one 2 bedroom unit left (up to 4 people)*.

*Double room occupancy fees apply to high-rise units.

Four Seasons Apartments:

Rent at Four Seasons Apartments

3 bedroom units available (up to 5 people)- monthly rent as low as $389 per person.

4 and 4 bedroom + loft (townhome style) units available.

Non-High Rises

Efficiencies and one bedroom units (1-2 people):

MPM rentals

522/528 State Street – efficiencies and 1 bedroom units available.

427 W Main Street – efficiencies and 1 bedroom units available. Some units are newly remodeled.

126 E Wilson Street – efficiencies available for $745 per month, heat included!

2029 University Avenue #2 – one bedroom unit. Monthly rent as low as $422.50/person.

2 bedroom units (up to 4 people):


26 N Breese Terrace – 2 bedroom, 1 and 2 bath units available as low as $298.75 person per month.

1319 Mound Street #2 – 2 bedroom unit, parking available with monthly rent as low as $306.25 per person.

3 bedroom units and up…


521 W Washington Avenue #1 – 3 bedroom flat. Utilities only $50 per month!

319/321 E Johnson Street – 4 bedroom flat that can house up to 6 people, with monthly rent as low as $232.50 per person!! What a deal!

310 S Broom Street – 5 bedroom + den, multi-level house in a great area!

308 N Broom St – 4 bedroom + den unit, multi-level house with parking!

These are just a select few of MPM’s units that are still available for the fall. To see a list of all available units in the downtown campus area, go here. Now, go out there and find yourself an apartment before it’s too late!

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