Hosting a New Year’s EVE Party in Your Apartment

New Year’s Eve is just around the corner! Will you be going out to fun New Year’s Eve parties or will you be staying in? What better way to avoid the cold than to host a New Year’s Eve party in your apartment? We’ve laid out 10 things to consider when hosting a New Year’s Eve party in your apartment.

  1. Don’t Start Too Early
    But don’t start too late either. 9 pm is the perfect time to start a New Year’s Eve party. Establish an end time from the start so that if it does go past that, people will be prepared to be kicked out.
  2. Make Space
    Be sure to have enough space for the number of people you will be having. Move large furniture into an unused bedroom if possible. Don’t forget to have a spot for coats and purses too. If someone is unable to go home at the end of the party, make sure you have space for them to crash.
  3. Alert Your Neighbors
    If you have neighbors that you know will be home on New Year’s Eve, make sure to alert them that you will be having people over. Give them your number to call if they have any issues, or you can even invite them over.
  4. Plan Games
    Games are always fun with a group! Plan some fun games to enjoy with everyone.
  5. Snacks + Drinks
    Provide snacks. You can ask guests to bring an appetizer if you have the room. Provide the bubbly and non-alcoholic beverages, but as for everything else, have your guests BYOB.
  6. Decorations, Table Decor + DIY Photobooth backdrop
    You don’t have to go overboard, but some fun table decor and gold and silver decorations are perfect to celebrate! One fun DIY project is to do a DIY photobooth backdrop like these below!


  8. Party Favors
    New Year’s hats, headbands, buzzers, etc. are a great thing to have for your guests if you’re hosting a NYE party!
  9. Plan a Music Playlist
    Create a fun party playlist on Spotify or Pandora.
  10. Have Cab Company Numbers Handy
    Be sure you have a contact for a cab company if your guests need a ride home.
  11. Enjoy Your Time
    Don’t stress over the small things! Bring in the new year by having some fun & enjoy the time with your guests!

We hope everyone has a safe and Happy New Year!!

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