What to Expect During August | Campus Area Resident Moving Tips

campus movingAugust has arrived, and you can never be too prepared for the craziness and chaos of August turnover. One of our recent blog posts was about Getting Ready to Move in Madison for Non-Campus Area Residents, so this week we wanted to share our tips for Campus area residents and share what to expect while moving in and out during the crazy August in Madison. Be prepared and know what to expect!

Prep for Moving

-Be sure to update your landlord with your forwarding address. Don’t wait until the last minute. With the stress of moving, it could slip your mind. Let your landlord know your new address as soon as you secure your next place.

-Change your mailing address- you can do that through USPS here.

-Update any magazine or newspaper subscriptions with your new address.

-Let your utility companies know that you will be moving so they can end service, and update them with your new mailing address for your final bill.

Checking Out of Your Apartment

We all know moving is a headache. We’ve put together a helpful video to have you prepared for your check out.

It’s Normal to Be Homeless for a Day or Two.

You may be thinking, ‘why do we have to wait a day or two to move in’ or ‘what do I do between move out and move in’? Most downtown Madison leases start on the same days and end on the same days. Everyone moves out (hopefully on time), hundreds of units need cleaning, painting, maintenance, etc. all within 48 hours in order for the units to be ready to move in. It’s crazy, but in most cases, it can be done! As for where to stay, we suggest staying with family, friends who aren’t moving, or there are places around the community, like some churches that let people stay overnight between moves.


With moving vehicles and everyone trying to get around downtown, traffic will be crazy! Plan accordingly. If you’re moving in on State Street and need information on where to park, check out this article that may help –  https://www.cityofmadison.com/police/documents/StateStreetParkingGuide.pdf

In addition to parking your vehicles, if you have rented a parking pass through MPM and you are renting from MPM, you may pick up your parking pass at the same time as you pick up your unit keys. You should be receiving an email with more information as well.

There May Be Lines

Everyone in the downtown area that needs to pick up keys on move in day will be there, so be prepared to wait a bit in line before getting your keys. Some folks even start lining up very early in the morning to get their spot.

Those are just a few of the helpful tips for August turnover! If you are an MPM resident and live in one of our campus area units, you should’ve received an email with check out information and other information needed for move out. If you still have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact your Property Representative!

Happy August & Happy Moving – MPM

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Good Luck!

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