Post-Move-In Tips for Your New Apartment

apartmentsNow that the craziness is over and you’ve had a few days to get settled into your new apartment, you can finally breathe a sigh of relief. While the stress of your actual move may be over, there are still a few things that you should take care of after moving to a new place in order to prevent headaches later. Check out these tips that we recommend to new residents:

Read the Lease

Even though you should have already read the lease at the time of the lease signing, it’s not fresh in your mind. Read it, and then read it again. You may have just initialed where you were told to, but you should have received a copy of your lease with your move-in packet or emailed to you. If you did not receive one, ask your landlord or property representative for a copy. Make sure you understand everything you are responsible for, like making sure your rent is turned into the office before the first of the month, not just postmarking it by then.

Renter’s Insurance

This is a must!! For a small monthly cost, you are protecting all of your belongings. Unless you have the spare cash lying around to replace your things in the event of an accident, you need insurance! Your landlord should have insurance, but that only covers the building and infrastructure, not the tenants’ belongings. Read more about why renter’s insurance is so important in our post here.

Learn the Law

Know what your local laws and regulations are. What days can you park on this side of the street? When is street sweeping? Are you responsible for garbage on your lawn or snow on your sidewalk? Your landlord or property representative should be able to answer these questions for you or direct you to resources where you can find the information you need. Don’t risk accumulating fines for little things you forgot to read about.

Roommate Contractmove in signing agreement

If you have multiple people living together, you should sit down shortly after move-in and discuss your living situation. While you may get along with your roommates, that can quickly change if one is too messy, loud, or inconsiderate. If you are sharing a bedroom, this can be even more difficult. We share how to survive sharing a bedroom with your roommate in our recent post. Establish rules about cleaning procedures and responsibilities, personal property, guests, and rent.

Moving into a new place is exciting, so make sure you don’t let the little things damper your living situation. At Madison Property Management we strive to provide our tenants with all the information they need to get settled into their new home. For relevant news and tips for tenants, subscribe to our weekly blog, and like us on Facebook!

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