Getting Ready to Move in Madison: Non-Campus Resident Tips

packing to moveYou may have read our post last year about ‘Getting Ready to Move‘, but we felt it necessary to share it again (with a few updates) because you can never be too prepared to move out of your apartment. Moving season for non-campus area apartments is here, so be prepared and avoid stress by following these helpful tips and advice.

Moving Company

If you plan on using a moving company to move, start looking early and find the best fit for you. It’s busy moving season, so be sure to book them well in advance. If you plan to move without a moving company, make sure you are prepared with vehicles that will fit your furniture and extra help if needed.


Go through your closet and donate or get rid of items that don’t fit you anymore or that you don’t wear. A good rule of thumb is that if you didn’t wear it in the past year, you most likely won’t wear it again. Also, go through your storage items and donate or get rid of unused or unnecessary items.


While you are decluttering, start an inventory list. This will be a key tool for when you move into your new place, especially if you will have roommates. An inventory list ensures you know what you have and what was yours, and there won’t be any arguments. You should also consider labeling items that might be used jointly with roommates. Plus, having an inventory is a great idea if you have renters insurance and anything happens to your stuff. If an item has a serial number, write it down next to that item on the inventory list!

Start packing early

Start early and you will have less stress come move out week. Pack up any seasonal items that aren’t being used, along with any other items not being used on a daily basis. Keep only the essentials out until closer to move out day.

Slow down on your groceries

The last thing you want to do on move out day is try to haul all of that cold or frozen food from one place to the other or fill multiple boxes with your pantry items. Take the last month or so before move out to clear out your pantry, fridge, and freezer. Throw away those expired items, donate items you may not ever use, and then start using up the rest of the food. If you have to buy any groceries during the last few months, avoid buying any items in bulk. The less you have to move, the better.

Cleaning Supplies

Once you have most of your items packed up, it’s time to think about cleaning! We know, it’s the dreaded task that no one looks forward to, but it has to be done. If you don’t have any cleaning supplies (which you should), then go get them! Check with your landlord for recommended cleaning for your apartment prior to moving out.

cleaning supplies

Other things to remember before your move

-Be sure to update your landlord with your forwarding address. Don’t wait until the last minute. With the stress of moving, it could slip your mind. Let your landlord know your new address as soon as you secure your next place.

-Change your mailing address- you can do that through USPS here.

-Update any magazine or newspaper subscriptions with your new address.

-Let your utility companies know that you will be moving so they can end service, and update them with your new mailing address for your final bill.

We hope these tips help ease the stress of moving and get you prepared for moving season this year!

Good Luck & Happy Moving! – MPM


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