Making Your Apartment More Livable

As a renter, you may feel like you are limited in your options to customize your temporary home. This is especially difficult for students, who are moving from place to place throughout college. Make a small apartment more livable by decking it out with cool furniture arrangements and funky personal touches. Use these tips to maximize the space in your place:

1. Double-Dip

The easiest way to maximize space in your small home is to eliminate unnecessary furnishings. You should utilize anything that can be multi-purposed – for example couches that can be converted into a bed – most college students have encountered the infamous Wal-Mart futon or the Click Clack at some point. Flank your sleeper-sofa with hidden-storage ottomans and a coffee table with drawers.

2. Become a Storage Superstar

Eliminating clutter will instantly make your place feel bigger, so have a designated place for everything. Using storage ottomans to hide remotes and DVDs will remove the chaos from your living room, and creating an organizational system for your closet will help you to keep bedroom messes under control.

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3. Think Up

Take advantage of vertical space to free up some room on your floor. Tall bookcases, shelves on your wall, and overhead lights are a great way to employ every bit of space your place offers. Hanging a clothing rack from your ceiling is also a great way to store your wardrobe.

 4. Trick Yourself

Optical illusions can be used to give the impression that your apartment is bigger. If you’re allowed to paint, consider a color scheme that opens your living room up. Hanging art on the walls will add depth, and large mirrors reflect the room, giving the illusion of more space.

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 5. Play Real-Life Tetris

To optimize living space, arrange and re-arrange your furniture until you find the best layout for your floor plan. Put a desk behind a bed or couch to section off different areas. Hanging a curtain around your bed in a studio apartment will keep your sleeping space separate and private.

 6. Fit Your Home to Your Life, Not Your Life to Your Home

If you’re a social person and often have guests over, emphasize seating arrangements. If you love to cook and entertain, your kitchen should be well-organized and your table a focal point.

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