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If you already have your roommates picked out and are ready to start your housing hunt for Fall 2016, feel free to jump over to our rental search at where you can narrow down the options based on unit size, price, location, pet rules, and more! We have everything from apartments and flats to duplexes and large houses

For those of you still up in the air about next year’s living situation, this run down of our rental options might help. As you go through our list, feel free to give us a call (608) 251-8777 if you have questions or would like leasing specialist to walk you through your choices.



Listings and Pictures: Look at Efficiencies in Madison 

If it’s just you, and you don’t need a lot of space, an efficiency apartment is the way to go. Save on utilities and live minimally.

1 Bedroom Apartments

1 Bed

Listings and Pictures: Look at 1 Bedroom Apartments in Madison 

Upgrade from an efficiency to a 1 bedroom if you would like a separate living area. If you plan on hosting guests and spreading out a little bit more, a one bedroom is perfect.

2 Bedroom Apartments

2 Bed

Listings and Pictures: Look at 2 Bedroom Apartments in Madison 

Dorm living is a thing of the past! if you have a roommate, find a two bedroom for a little extra living space. It’s great to have a place with a friend, but at the end of the day, it can be the best of both worlds to have private bedrooms to retreat to. Many of our two bedroom apartments have a separate living room, dining room and kitchen on top of the two private bedrooms.

3 Bedroom Apartments

3 Bed

Listings and Pictures: Look at 3 Bedroom Apartments in Madison 

Choose from a flat, apartment, house or townhome when you are living with two or more other people. There are a variety of floor plan options when you have multiple roommates. Some of these options have different size bedrooms, amenity access, and storage availability per living space. This is something to consider when splitting rent and utilities.

4 Bedroom Apartments

4 Bed

Listings and Pictures: Look at 4 Bedroom Apartments in Madison 

Again, with multiple roommates comes a variety of living space options! Be sure everyone is on the same page when it comes to knowledge of their private space within the rental before one of you goes to sign the lease. It’s hard to live with an unhappy roommate with the smallest space that they didn’t know they were agreeing to.

5 or More Bedroom Apartments

5 Bed 1 5 Bed 2

Listings and Pictures: Look at 5+ Bedroom Apartments in Madison 

With 5+ Roommates, there are still a variety of options including apartments, multi-level duplexes, or houses. Many campus area houses have private basements that are great for hosting and socializing.  Having multiple roommates can help make campus living the most cost effective when it comes to splitting rent and utilities! We recommend setting up a roommate agreement to make sure everyone is on the same page about the rent breakdown, utility usage/payment, etc.  If you have roommates that know and trust, living together in a house can be a blast!

Roommates in Madison

If you would like to live with roommates, but don’t have a group lined up for next year, we have a tool that might help! Utilize the MPM roommate service. 

Fill out the form on the page and we will send you information about all of the other folks looking for roommates. If someone seems like a fit, you can contact them about potentially rooming together. We update this list at least once a week, so once you have found a roommate or two, we would be glad to take you off the list and help you find the rental space that fits your needs.

Contact MPM for more information!

Call (608) 251-8777    for more information about any of our units or to set up a showing.  We conduct showings from 9:00am to 5:45pm on weekdays and on select Saturdays from 10:00am to 3:00pm.  

If you know what qualities you are looking for in a home but are overwhelmed by the prospect of sorting through all of the options, contact us! Our leasing agents are happy to narrow down the options for you and send you some choices that match your specific needs.  

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