Home Office Solutions for Your Apartment

home office in your apartmentIt can be difficult to work from home when you live in a smaller space, or have to share a space with roommates.  Although it may seem impossible, it definitely is possible.  Below are some ideas, tips and tricks to turn your small or shared space in your apartment into a comfortable home office area.

Finding the Perfect Space for Your Home Office Area

Think about where your ideal work space would be in your apartment.  A place where you can work comfortably and efficiently.  Do you need a quiet space? Do you want to be away from any noises that others are making in the home while you work?  Or are you okay with a little noise and can work through anything?  These are just a few of the things to consider when choosing where your home office space will be.  The second thing to think about is space.

If you are wanting something quiet and away from any other action in the house, think about using a spare bedroom, unused closet, or part of your bedroom.  Think of somewhere that you will not be distracted.  If you are okay working in an area that has lots of traffic or noise when anyone is home, then try to find an area in your living room or hallway that would fit your office space.

We’ve found the perfect ideas for your home office on Pinterest, shown below.

Use a Closet

Repurpose a closet and turn it into a working space.  This can be any closet in your apartment, but be sure it fits your ideal work space as we talked about above.  You can even still use it as both a closet and a working space if needed, as shown below:

Unused Hallway Space

Use a nook or that empty, unused space in your hallway as a work station.

Find a Corner

This can be any room of your apartment.  If you have enough corner space for a small corner desk, then that will work perfectly.  Use a desk in place of your end table in your living room or bedroom.

Spare/Guest Bedroom

You may not have the luxury of a spare bedroom, but if you do, make it into a guest room/ office space for you.

Repurpose Furniture

Have a large cabinet that you just don’t use?  Turn it into a working space like the one shown below.

Choosing the Best Desk for Your Space

There are so many options to choose from when it comes to desks, especially when trying to choose the right desk to fit the space.  These links below show tons of options, from slim and sleek desks with shelving to wall mounted hideaway desks.



You can’t have a successful working area in a small space without organization.  If you can, then props to you! We found some tips to keep your home working space tidy and organized.

Lastly, Make it Yours

The more you love your work space, the more time you will want to spend there and hopefully, the more productive you will be.

Use these ideas, tips and tricks and go make the best of working from home!

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