Decorating your Apartment for the Holidays, Plus a Chance to WIN!

Just because you live in an apartment, or have a small space, doesn’t mean that you can’t make your space look great during the holidays. We’ve hit up Pinterest to give you the best holiday decorating ideas for your apartment or small space.
Let’s start with the tree…
Christmas Tree:
Do you like real trees or faux trees? If you love real Christmas trees, check with your landlord first to make sure they are allowed in your building. Faux Christmas trees are a great alternative and although they may be a bit pricey at first, you can use them year after year, so you get your money’s worth. They even make pine scented ornaments now that will make your apartment smell like you have a real tree. Make sure you pick the right size tree to fit in your space. If you have a small space and don’t have much room for a tree, try a tabletop tree, or a half tree as shown below. You can still decorate them just like any other tree, but they don’t take up as much space as a regular sized tree. Don’t have space at all for a tree? There are several alternatives to choose from instead of a tree. Take advantage of your wall space and use lights to create your own tree. Use chalk on a dark wall or create a tree shape with wood pieces or branches on the wall as shown below. We also love the idea of using your books to create a tree against your wall. You could do this on the floor, on a shelf or even on a table.


There are so many different ways to decorate your apartment for the holidays, while still keeping space in mind.

Using ornaments not only just on your tree- hang them on ribbons from the tops of the windows, glue magnets on them and use them on the fridge, place them in a bowl for quick and easy décor, or make them into an awesome ornament wreath!  There are so many DIY tutorials on Pinterest for ornament wreaths.

Instead of ornaments hanging in your windows, try hanging candy canes, mini wreaths, or any other holiday décor items.  The possibilities are endless…


Paper snowflakes are super easy, yet look great in any space.  Hang them from the ceiling, use them as a window curtain, or display them on your front door.  Can’t remember how you made them back in elementary school?  We’ve got the perfect tutorial below to create the best 3D medallion snowflakes.

Kitchen and dining décor:  Make these DIY santa hat chair covers and add bows to your cabinets.  These ideas take up no extra space!


You can make pretty much anything into garland for holiday décor.  Use it on your tree or on your fireplace mantel.  If you don’t have a mantel to put your garland on, place garland above your windows, around a staircase, above a wall décor piece, or over a bookshelf or table.



Lighting isn’t just for the tree.  Incorporate lighting all over your apartment with these awesome ideas.  Use fairy lights in a hurricane jar filled with ornaments, pinecones or any other holiday type décor.  Hang lights on your wall or from the ceiling to create the perfect holiday ambiance.  Use apothecary jars and create your own snow globe terrarium with fairy lights.  These are just a few ways to incorporate lighting, however there are so many more ideas on Pinterest.

Now that the aparmtent holiday decorations are done, it’s time to get festive with your clothing! Grab your favorite UGLY Holiday sweater and you’re all set!  Whether you create one yourself or buy them at the store, they are a must for the holidays lately.

CONTEST:  MPM is hosting a social media contest.  Post a photo of your best and/or worst UGLY HOLIDAY SWEATERS on social media (Facebook, Instagram or Twitter) and use the hashtags #livempm and #contest, and tag MPM.  The photo with the most likes will win a prize valuing around $50!  Contest ends on 12/19/16 at 12pm.  (Winners will need to pick up their prize from the MPM office in Madison no later than 12/23)


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