Keep Warm in Winter, Keep Heating Bills Low

radiator-winter-heating-billsCollege isn’t cheap. Paying for heat isn’t either, so it’s understandable that we hear about students eating only  Ramen noodles, take a few extra napkins from a fast food joint, and wait as long as humanly possible to turn on the heat in their apartment. Sometimes we wear two sweatshirts, wool socks, and a winter hat because we would rather wear half of our wardrobe than have to crank up the heat.  But staying warm and saving money don’t have to be mutually exclusive!

There are ways to stay toasty without having burying yourself in a huge utility bill.

  •        Block the Drafts. Prevent doorway drafts. In many college houses and apartments, you’ll find a lot of space between the bottom of the door and the floor. These large gaps can allow drafts to enter the room. Products such as “draft blockers” can fill the gap. Masking tape or painters tape, and towels can be used as even cheaper remedies to this problem.  You can even use pipe insulation! Just open the insulation and wrap it around the bottom of the door.
  •        Curtains are great at preventing the cold from seeping through. Hanging heavy curtains will stop the cold winds from blowing through, particularly in older homes.
  •        Let the sunshine in! When the sun is out, keep your curtains open. The greenhouse effect will help heat things up inside even if it’s cold outside.  This tip is recommended especially your south facing window.
  •        Run your ceiling fan. It may seem counter-intuitive, but ceiling fans are not just for cooling you down in the summer.  They also have an important purpose in the winter!  When hot air rises, running your ceiling fan will push the warm air back down, keeping the room warmer longer.
  •       Use a rug. As much as 10% of your home’s heat can be lost through bare floors. Look into a reasonably priced rug to stop the heat from escaping.

There are certainly plenty of other ways to save on your heating bill – turning the heat down and layering or having blankets on the couch to snuggle with. Do you have any more tips for keeping warm but keeping heating bills low?


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