Winter’s Not Over Yet- Tips to Save Heat in Your Apartment

The subzero temperatures in Wisconsin may be gone for now, however, winter is still in full swing and isn’t going anywhere too soon! Are you one of those people who likes to keep the temperature at 65 degrees and no higher in the winter, or are you one to turn it all the way up and eat the high heat costs? Today, we’re sharing some tips on keeping your apartment warm while keeping your heating bill down.

Use the Sun for FREE Heat

If your windows or patio door have sun hitting them throughout the day, leave your curtains and/or blinds open to let the heat in. Once the sun is gone, be sure to close those curtains/blinds up to block the cold again.

Block the drafts

Heat escaping from your apartment is not good and you will see a rise in your heating bill. Seal up any area in the house where drafts may be coming in. Use plastic wrap on your windows or patio door if you don’t use them in the winter. If there are any other leaks, let your landlord know so they can address them. Buy or make a draft door stopper. We shared a great DIY draft blocker for a door in one of our last posts: Transition Your Apartment from Fall to Winter.

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Set your thermostat

If your thermostat has the option to set a schedule, use it! If you’re gone all day, set the temperature lower while you’re gone and set it to heat back up before you get home. Check out Madison Gas & Electric’s website here to see how much you could save by lowering your temperature by 3 degrees in the winter months. Lower the temperature while you sleep too! According to MG&E’s website, the recommended temperature while you sleep is around 55 degrees in the winter, but we suggest keeping it around 63 so you don’t risk pipes freezing.

Don’t use a portable electric heater.

According to MG&E, “Using a portable electric space heater can be one of the most expensive ways to heat your home. At today’s prices, electric heat costs at least four times as much per BTU as natural gas. You will not save money using an electric space heater unless you turn your central heating system down several degrees and use a space heater to warm just a small area.”

Find more Easy, Low-Cost Energy Savings Tips on MG&E’s website here.

Stay warm and save money! – MPM

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