Practical and Unique Hacks for Apartment Living

A little bit of organization can make apartment life a LOT simpler. It may sound like a lot of work, but life can be easily improved by using just a few creative solutions for overcoming the inconveniences of living in a small space.

A busy lifestyle


You are coming and going all the time. Many times, your busy life is even your excuse for the mess in your apartment.  You can’t find your keys, hat, jacket, phone, sunglasses, wallet or headphones. The best hack for overcoming this time-consuming inconvenience is to create an “entry way” area near your main entrance. Put a set of hooks by the door for your jacket, keys, and hat.  Reserve a spot on the counter, table or strategic space for your essential items. Find a decorative bowl or tray to keep your items in, and make this the only spot you put them when you’re at home. Once you build the habit of always keeping your keys, sunglasses, etc. in the same location, you won’t need to waste any time tearing the place upside down trying to find your most necessary items when you’re in a hurry to get going.

Kitchen Keeping


This box is empty, that box has 3 crackers, and the other box is too tall to fit in the cupboard so it has been sitting on the table for a month. Without a little pantry-style organization, keeping track of your snacks and dry foods can be very frustrating.  We would recommend picking up some clear, reusable food storage containers and filling them with non-perishable food and baking supplies as you buy them. This will make it much easier to take stock of what you have and what you need to buy on your next grocery run!

Pinterest Find: If you are looking for a more unique approach, decorate your empty Pringles cans, and fill them with spaghetti noodles!

Living Room Relaxation


There might be a clear spot to sit after a long busy day, but is the remote in plain sight after you’ve sunk into the couch and are ready to catch up on your favorite Netflix season? Pick up some easy stick Velcro and store your remotes on the side of or underneath the table nearest to your favorite spot.  Find that place you can reach without much effort (even while sprawled out on your favorite chair), and get in the habit of sticking the remote back in its place.


Madison Property Management

Your light switch isn’t next to your bed is it? Somehow the best place for a headboard just never ends up next to the light switch. Now you have to get up and turn off the lights after you’ve already gotten all snuggled under your covers while late-night Facebook creeping. You could hook up a string of lights or small lamps to a power strip. Place that power strip bedside and click it on/off as need be. Voila – a bedside light switch!

Pinterest Find: Wake UP!! If you keep missing your alarm because you can’t hear it, just put your phone in a glass before you hit the pillow. The sound will amplify and being in the glass makes it harder for you to hit snooze 😉

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