Having a “Grown-Up” Apartment

apartment-organizationNow that you’ve grown up, your apartment needs to suit you. You do not live in a dorm room anymore and you aren’t sharing rooms with several other friends.  There’s no need for a mini-fridge in your room or common area, no need for a white board on the wall to detail tasks and no need for lofts (unless you are utilizing space in a smaller apartment). It’s time to have a “grown-up” apartment.

Curtains for the Apartment Windows

Curtains or shades on your windows add color and depth.  No, a bed sheet or blanket over the apartment windows is not OK. You aren’t playing “build a fort” in your living room at eight-years-old.  Curtains or shades are easy to install. You will need a drill or screw driver and measuring tape, possibly even a step-stool or ladder. It’s time. You’re an adult.Apartment-Curtains

Artwork for the Walls and Floors

Yes, we all loved the concert and movie posters for sale at the beginning of the school year at the student union. They helped you make a statement in your dorm or in your first few apartments, but it’s time for some actual art now. We aren’t talking expensive Van Gogh’s here, but you can find some good quality artwork out there. TJ Maxx or Marshalls, for example, has some great deals on quality frames and artwork.  The main goal with these pieces is to add color and variety to your space.  Along with the walls, the floors deserve some love too.  Area rugs are a great way to fill a space and change the feel of an entire room.  Plus, if there is hardwood or tile in your unit, area rugs help in the colder months.Apartment-rugs

Apartment Lighting

You probably don’t realize how different light bulb color affects the mood, atmosphere and overall feel of your space.  Light bulbs can range from very yellow to stark white, almost blueish.  The more yellow the light is, the warmer the feel in the home, creating an inviting, comfortable and relaxing state.  The more blueish the light can create a refreshing and energetic atmosphere.  Figure out what mood and atmosphere you would like to create in your space and go from there.  It is very easy to change out the bulbs in your unit.  Make sure you turn off the electricity first and then place the apartment lights that came with the space somewhere safe. You will want to change them back when you are ready to move out.

Apartment Organization

As we mentioned in an earlier blog, you can separate areas to create the feel of more space.  You should invest in an organization system, mainly, a shelving system. A bookcase works well and isn’t necessarily only for books. Consider it for storage in your smaller apartment. Think about using baskets or bins on your shelves to give it a clean, organized look and feel.Apartment-organization

Unclutter the Apartment

You will accumulate lots of “stuff” over the years.  You do not need to keep it all.  Donate that which you don’t use anymore, or give items to friends.  Like old clothes, if you find new plates or pans for the kitchen or a new chair, don’t keep the old!

You’ve made it! Your own apartment. Now, go and really make it your own!

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