Giving is Getting

gift_givingThere’s an old saying that “it is better to give than to receive.” It’s easy to scoff at the notion, as we all love “getting,” but when we give, there is actually potential to get back so much more than we might realize. Whether it be watching a friend’s eyes light up as he opens the gift you knew he wanted or getting  appreciation from your family when you cook their holiday meal, the joy and sense of togetherness that comes from giving can be the best gift of all.

A common misconception about giving is that something has to be purchased or money has to be involved. There is no reason to stress out about finances during the holidays because that could not be further from the truth.  There are so many ways we can show our friends, our loved ones, and even a stranger or two that we care that require no money at all.   In fact, our time, our talents, and our love are often the most appreciated gifts, so giving is possible, even on the tightest of budgets. .

This holiday season in addition to giving to friends and family, consider helping someone in your neighborhood who may have physical restrictions, shovel someone else’s sidewalk, or simply lend an ear for a lonely soul.

As you get inundated with all the potential charities to give to this year, remember that you’ll be getting the most by giving locally.  When you do give money or time, keeping it local will allow for you see the fruits of your labor. When we positively impact our immediate surroundings, we receive smiles from our friends and neighbors, a healthier local economy, and a stronger voice for change in other parts of the country and world that need help.


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