Getting Ready to Move

Madison-Move-OutWe are a few short weeks away from the annual “Downtown Moving Day”, and if you aren’t getting ready yet, you should start now. Preparation saves you time, will save you money and will save you lots of frustration. Let’s avoid the stress from moving with a few tips and shortcuts.


It’s time to purge. If you are hoarding clothes from the early 2000s that you might wear once in a blue moon, get rid of them. Try to clean at least one room a day; start with your bedroom and go through all of your stuff and figure out what you want to keep and what you can donate. Figure out what’s yours in the living room, kitchen and bathroom. Do you need it? Go through the cabinets, closets, under couches and beds. The best thing to do is get a few boxes and label them “Keep”, “Donate”, “Garbage”. If you have something you think is worth some money and don’t want to donate it, try selling it on Craigslist.


While you are cleaning and sorting all of your belongings, start an inventory. This will be perfect for when you get to your new place, especially if you will have roommates. You’ll know what you have and what was yours, and there won’t be any arguments. You should also consider labeling items that might be used jointly with roommates. Plus, having an inventory is a great idea if you have renters insurance and anything happens to your stuff. If an item has a serial number, write it down next to that item on the inventory list!

Slow Down on Groceries

When moving to a new apartment, there will most likely be some down time from your move out time to your move in time at the new place.  Try not to bring any perishable items along with you that could spoil.  Use the few weeks before moving to clean out your food stash.  Now’s the time to eat up that can of baked beans you’ve been avoiding for months.

Cleaning Suppliescleaning-supplies

Once you and your roommates have all of your items packed, it’s time to start the dreaded cleaning process.  If you don’t have any cleaning supplies yet, get them. You don’t want to be charged for any cleaning after you move out, so now’s the time to do all of the hard scrubbing that you have put off for months. Buy a toothbrush for those tough spots in the bathroom and kitchen. Make sure you check with your landlord to see if they have any special cleaning criteria for your unit that you wouldn’t think of. A clean apartment is a great apartment!

Also, don’t forget to update your landlord with a forwarding address, change your mailing address, and also update your address with any of your magazine subscriptions. You can fill out your mailing address change form by clicking here!

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