Hosting a “Friendsgiving”

Thanksgiving_MealWhether you can’t be with your family for Thanksgiving, or you just want an excuse to get together with friends, hosting a Friendsgiving is the perfect opportunity to eat some good food and have a great time.


Typically, the host will want to make the main entrée.  In most cases this will be turkey and gravy, however if you are having Friendsgiving and you and/or some of your guests will also be having Thanksgiving with family, you may want to steer clear of turkey in order to not overdo it.  Opt for a different main dish, such as Beef Tenderloin.  Here is a recipe that we know works great!  Feel out your guests though first; if they want turkey, go for it!

In order to not overwhelm yourself with prepping and cooking, your guests will bring the appetizers, sides and desserts.  It is easiest to give your guests categories to choose from so that no one brings the same dish.  Potatoes and stuffing are a must, so make sure those are on your list.  Don’t forget to include dishes for those who may have food allergies, or are vegetarian or vegan.  There are many vegan and vegetarian dishes that work great for this time of year.  Here are some vegetarian and vegan options we found on Pinterest.


BYOB is a must for any Friendsgiving.  Have everyone bring their own beverage of choice.  This way, they have what they like, and can share if necessary. Here are 10 Fall cocktail ideas for you.


A Friendsgiving is not complete without decorations. Make sure your table is set nicely. Create some fun table runners or name cards for your guests.  One of our favorite ideas for place cards are these pumpkin “place cards” below.  Another great idea is to make a “selfie” wall or photo booth.  This is a wall where your guests can take fun selfies or group photos.  Throw some fun Thanksgiving or Fall props in there and you have the perfect selfie wall/ photo booth.


It is a great idea to incorporate some sort of entertainment for your guests.  This includes music and games.  Put someone in charge of a playlist, or create one on your own.  There are a lot of fun games you can play with your guests.  Here are some great ideas for you.

For more ideas for your gathering, check out our Pinterest board here that has tons of recipes and checklists to host the perfect Friendsgiving.  Eat lots of yummy food, have some great drinks and socialize!  

Happy Friendsgiving!

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