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We are excited to bring another guest blog post to you all! This week, Jane Antonovich from Jane Antonovich Designs will be sharing part 1 of the 4 part Feng-Shui Series on the MPM blog over the next year, one post each quarter! How exciting, right? Learn more about Jane at the bottom of this post.

Feng Shui for Love and Romance

It’s February! The month of L-O-O-O-O-O-O-VE!!!! This is the time of year when I frequently have requests for Feng Shui Design that conjures up…


So, in honor of Valentine’s Day (I’m good with making it a whole week…you, too?), let’s enhance your love life by working on a few basics in your home.

Here are 6 tips for raising the vibration of your home specifically tuned to LOVE and ROMANCE…

  1. Set the Stage: Get very clear, journal or visualize on a regular basis, exactly what you are wanting. How will you feel when your relationship improves or when your new lover arrives? Sink into these feelings OFTEN and find ways to enjoy how it feels NOW.

    Very important first step–do not skip!

  1. Clear the Clutter: If you have clutter anywhere, but specifically in the relationship area of your home (below) clear it out. If you have love letters, pictures, photo albums or wedding invitations/cards from past relationships, they must go. Holding on to old lovers (in any form) is not vibrationally a match to calling in a new or enhanced relationship!

  1. Relationship Area: Use the Bagua (above) to determine the relationship area of your home. Orient the center bottom (Career area) to your front door. Pay attention to what resides in this area of your home. Let go of anything that feels old, broken, or long past its expiration date! Enhance this space with items in pairs, and colors of soft pinks, purples, or reds for passion. Consider soft and silky fabrics in this area, curvy lines and space for new love to grow.
  2. Bedroom Energy: Take a fresh look at your bedroom. Make sure that nothing there interferes with resting, relaxation or intimacy. NOTHING–No TV, tools and hardware, drum sets, hobbies, etc. Create a room that feels more like a sanctuary and less like a storage locker–a place where you and your sweetie can retreat and reconnect. Pay attention to lighting, color, fabrics and mood. For specific ideas, check out: “8 tips for Feng Shui (Master Bedroom) Magic”
  3. Art: Feel into the messages that the art in your home is representing…take a deep breath (pretend you’re an alien) and take an art walk through your own home. What do you see? Art that is: Sexy? Soft? Sweet? Sultry? As they say, ”A picture’s worth a thousand words…” Your art is ALWAYS sending you messages. If it’s faded, depressing, tiny, or just plain old and stagnant, it’s time to freshen up! Here are some of my favorites for relationship:
    The Nude on the Red Bench
    Lauren Paradise
    (I LOVE placing a satisfied woman in the relationship area 🙂

    High Tide
    S. Harris
    Danielle O’Connor Akiyama

    Dancing Egrets
    Michelle Morin

    I Pepper You
    John Urban

  1. Love Yourself: Remember a new relationship or lover will not “fix” an empty space within you. A strong connection with your own beautiful self is the best way to call in another healthy, happy soul. Take a look at Tiny Buddha’s Guide to Loving Yourself for ways to see yourself as gorgeously beautiful and start your own personal torrid love affair! Or just dance around to Bruno Mars 🙂

Happy Valentine’s Week! If you enjoyed today’s post, please share with someone you love.

I will be speaking at the DreamBank (FREE) on Valentine’s Day at 6:15pm: “Feng Shui for Love and Romance”. I would love to see you there! MORE DETAILS AND REGISTER HERE


Jane Antonovich is a Feng Shui Designer, Organizing Expert, and founder of Jane Antonovich Designs (www.JaneAntonovich.com). Jane has a wealth of personal and professional wisdom in the fields of Feng Shui, Interior Design and Organization — with an uncanny ability to spot the hidden (yet profound) links between your homes, office, and environments… and the level of success and happiness you experience in your life.

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