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We are excited to bring another guest post to the blog this week. Jane Antonovich from Jane Antonovich Designs is sharing part 2 of the 4 part Feng Shui Series on the MPM blog. If you missed part 1, you can check it out here: Feng Shui for Love and Romance

Feng Shui for Health and Wellness

We are constantly BOMBARDED with information about health–it’s a national pastime: What to eat, When to eat, How much to eat, When to exercise, How to exercise, How much to exercise…the list goes on and the current “HOT” information changes about every 30 seconds! Everywhere you look–Social Media, Articles, Books, Health Coaches–Health Information (and probably some of it very useful) is everywhere!!!!!

But nobody’s talking about this…

Your home is an extension of your body and if you want to see improvements in your health, you can work on the body for your body–YOUR HOME.

Whatever we do in our living space, will affect what’s going on internally well–Feng Shui is working from the outside IN!

Reminder–Feng Shui is taking a look at the energy that is in everything. Take a look around you, wherever you’re sitting right now…there is life, there is something moving.

There is no such thing as an inanimate object. 

There is always molecular, buzzing chi. It’s intangible to the human eye and it’s the energy that is in EVERYTHING. It’s palpable to those of us who are sensitive to it–in Feng Shui we see everything as having a life and also having a voice 🙂

Everything in your space is a reflection of your thinking. Your mind selected everything–or agreed to it–and allowed it in your house–one way or another!

You can’t really hide in Feng Shui–it’s a very intimate process! 

When you understand that everything has LIFE to it (and a little VOICE too) every object comes to life and it’s chattering away to you.

And, every object represents a belief: “I feel good about myself–I’m going to paint this bold color. “I don’t feel good about myself, I’m going to pile stuff up in the corner.” “I’m full of energy, I’m going to clear out the basement” “I feel depressed, I’m going to just let the mess go….”

E V E R Y T H I N G reflects something about you.

Your home is talking to you 24 hours a day. And if it feels heavy and like it’s weighing you down–like a backpack of rocks…

Then moving forward, especially moving forward with your health, is going to be tough!

BUT…if you turn your home into something that’s totally and completely a strong magnet to your best self–and everything speaks to who you’re wanting to be, everything is talking to you about how fabulous you are, deserving of XYZ, how confident and smart and perfect and healthy you are, that whatever is special and whole about you is TRUE, then you’ve got incredible power to make BIG TRANSFORMATIONS in your life.

Just like downloading a new program to your computer or updating your Operating System, Feng Shui can CHANGE THE STRUCTURE OF YOUR BRAIN.

Then you start to notice, “I feel better! I have more confidence, I have FUN bubbling up inside–I’m Happier, Healthier!”


feng shui for health and wellness

Check out these 3 places in your home to IMPROVE your Health and Well-Being Chi:

First, take the attitude of the healthy person you are dreaming to be, breathe into it, close your eyes, tune up your energy…and then take a walk through your home from that perspective…

Clutter— The chaos and resulting stress of clutter is a HUGE drag on your health. Start small, but start–and Get It GONE! Then NOTICE how much better you feel–it’s the most magical way to shift your health.

Artwork— Look with your Feng Shui goggles on, does the artwork and imagery in your home represent health, joy, power, positive energy? Be on the hunt for art that brings your energy down by evoking grim, sad, or blah feelings. IF your art represents human beings, do they have all of their body parts? Do you feel a lift when you gaze upon your art? Or does it drag you down? Do you need an art upgrade?

The Kitchen— Check out your kitchen from the perspective of the healthy person you aspire to be–are the counters and cupboards clean and organized? Is the stored food still fresh? How does the refrigerator look? The freezer? Just take 10 minutes and throw out old food–there–feel better?

Take things one step at a time. I promise, there is a finite amount of STUFF in your home and if you give yourself the gift of small CONSISTENT chunks of time, you will see a difference very very soon!

And, if you need support–we’ve got your back and would be happy to talk with you.


I will be speaking at the DreamBank (FREE) on Wednesday, 5/23, at noon: “Feng Shui for Health and Wellness”. I would love to see you there! MORE DETAILS AND REGISTER HERE

Jane Antonovich is a Feng Shui Designer, Organizing Expert, and founder of Jane Antonovich Designs (www.JaneAntonovich.com). Jane has a wealth of personal and professional wisdom in the fields of Feng Shui, Interior Design and Organization — with an uncanny ability to spot the hidden (yet profound) links between your homes, office, and environments… and the level of success and happiness you experience in your life.
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