10 Things You Can Let go of by the Time You’re 30 | Guest Blogger – Jane Antonovich

We are excited to welcome Jane Antonovich as our guest blogger this week. Jane is a Feng Shui Designer and Organizational Expert who has worked with MPM in the past at our Galaxie building. She designed the leasing office and the Galaxie model studio and did such a great job. Learn more about Jane at the end of the post.

If you’re holding on to furniture or decor from college or your twenties, It’s time to take a Deep Breath and envision yourself 5 years, even 10 years from now…

What kind of home will you be in? House? Apartment? Condo? Cabin? Bungalow? How will your home feel? Beautiful? Peaceful? Shelter from the fast, zippy world outside?

Will any of the items in this list still be part of your design?

Consider how it would feel to let go of any or all of these as you dream into your future:


Ugh! A hard frame and a hard mattress. Nothing soft or forgiving, not a relationship enhancement AT ALL! As in, “Honey, after dinner, do you want to snuggle on the futon?????”

Just let it go, some college student really, really needs one. Look for a soft sofa with arms so you can curl up, rest, read, and talk.


Many clients want to wait until their “forever dream home” before they purchase furniture of any quality at all–but really, invest in a few pieces that can come with you. Think quality, not quantity and yes, that includes the particle board or plastic shelving.


tv stands
The kind that you buy with your TV–it’s time to think a little less “function” and a little more beautiful. By the way, make sure your TV is not front and center, occupying the power position in your room–let’s configure your space so that the TV is marginalized and yet still available for entertainment.


wall art
It’s time to invest in some beautiful art and custom framing. If you have band posters taped to the walls in your bedroom, I will come find you. Really, I will.


rugInvest in a gorgeous rug… instead of reaching for the quickest solution, find a rug in the largest size your room can handle. It’s amazing how it can elevate the entire look of the room. The size of the rug defines the size of the room. So, tiny rug = tiny-feeling room. Look for a rug with texture in a fairly neutral color, Let’s save the excitement in a room for lighting, art and furniture and NOT put it on the floor, which has a tendency to bring your energy down (to the floor).


Oh, come on, treat yourself better–you deserve beautiful sheets and a gorgeous blanket. Skip the 7-pc special…you’ll sleep better!

picture frames

The ones of you and your bestie at a party–It’s time to invest in frames that are timeless, beautiful and classic. Also, group your personal photos so they aren’t dotted all around your home, maximum impact and offering a less cluttered feeling. PS: let’s keep the kids and parents photos out of the bedroom–too many people in there watching–NOOOOOO!!! Makes it hard to relax 🙂

living room

Painting is one of those decisions where you might consider asking for assistance. There’s a lot of information in color–AND each color has its own frequency, it’s an important Feng shui decision. Maybe one wall is plenty but MAYBE you need to be immersed in one color or another to support flow, love, abundance or health. Paint is powerful–get some help.


shot glass collection
Only OK if you’re still in college AND live in a sorority or frat house–otherwise pick your fave and let the rest go, someone’s gonna love those!


They are uniform and boring, Buy different sized pillows and play with different colors and textures for impact that doesn’t have to cost a lot. There are some fabulous choices at TJ Maxx, Home Goods, Etsy.

These are the moments of your life!

Don’t let your “stuff” hold you back from growing into the biggest, shiniest version of yourself. Choose items for the future YOU and create the space and life you’re dreaming of! Your home and the items in it are an incredibly powerful tool to uplevel your life and have FUN in the process.


janeantonovichJane Antonovich is a Feng Shui Designer and Organizational Expert who inspires us to declutter our lives and design the home of our dreams – dramatically increasing our energy, productivity, optimism, and opportunities. With her surprisingly playful mix of soul and style, Jane shows us how to use our homes as the secret tool for unlocking our dreams and upleveling our lives –– using her signature strategies that are quick, easy… and most of all: beautiful!

For fun, FREE tips and tricks to uplevel your home, CLICK HERE to receive Jane’s Design Essentials Kit. Or go to www.designessentialskit.com to get started today!

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