Stay Cool in the Summer and Save Money

The simplest way to save money for the rest of summer and warm early fall is to cut down on your air conditioning usage.  The downside of turning off your AC is that it will definitely get hot! We have compiled a list of ideas to help you stay cool.  The three biggest things to think about are air flow, heat sources, and your personal body temperature.


Air Flow: How is the air moving in your home?

  • Think about the doors: Are you keeping heat trapped by keeping doors closed? Try opening them to let the air to flow freely?
  • Adjust your fans to create air flow through a window, set of rooms or between levels/floors to push hot air out of your living space.
  • Hack a fan: Put a shallow container of ice in front of a fan to create a DIY AC system.
  • Use the bathroom fan or kitchen exhaust fan if you have one.
  • 60 degrees at night is nice and cool – leave your window open.


Heat Source: The sun is the biggest heat source in the summer months. Don’t let BOB (The Big Orange Ball) cramp your style too much.

  • Keep your blinds closed.
  • Don’t use the oven. Plan a grill night at a park!
  • Use Febreeze over Candles to keep things smelling fresh.

between rooms

Personal Body Temperature: Is it actually hot in here or are you just hot? Make sure you are putting effort towards cooling yourself down just as much as you put effort towards cooling down your surroundings.

  • Put a damp cool cloth on your head.
  • Change your sheets: Cotton is a much more breathable fabric.
  • Freeze your sheet for a little bit before bed.
  • Drink Water
  • Eat cooler: Freeze your grapes.
  • Mist Bottle: Buy an empty spray bottle and keep water in it.


Tips from the web:

“Freeze a 2 liter bottle with water. Put in a pillow case and hold to your chest like a teddy. Cooling down the central core will cool down all extremities as a result. My roomie calls them ‘ice babies’.” –

“For a cold compress on really hot nights, fill a sock with rice, tie it off and stick it in the freezer for an hour or so. The compress will stay chilly for up to 30 minutes, definitely enough time to nod off.” –

“Put smooth white fabrics over anything in your house that is fuzzy. For example, you could cover corduroy pillows with white satin pillowcases for summer, put linen slipcovers over whool sofas, or even just throw white sheets over furniture. Light-colored fabric will reflect heat instead of absorbing it, and the smooth texture will give you the look and feel of coolness.” –

If all else fails, take a trip to the library, coffee shop, favorite store or movie theater. There is always something you can do inside during the summer months. Keeping yourself cool and healthy is the most important thing!

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