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guest blog postUnscripted and unapologetically fun.

We are excited to have Monkey Business Institute be our guest blogger for this week’s blog post! Monkey Business Institute is located at 2916 Atwood Avenue in Madison, WI. They are ready to show you a good time!

Monkey Business Institute, Madison’s Favorite Improv Troupe

Since 2004, Monkey Business Institute has been bringing improv comedy fun to Madison with weekly performances, classes, corporate training sessions and private parties. Check out the website, for a performance calendar, show information, tickets, and more.


It’s Saturday. Your mission: coming up with plans for the evening. Where should you start looking? Look no further than Monkey Business Institute’s Saturday improv comedy lineup. Whether it’s date night or you’ve got family and friends paying a visit, there’s an MBI improv show that’s certain to fit your entertainment needs.

All Ages Show (5:30pm-6:30pm) – Kids. What’s not to love about them? While they’re great and all, you must admit that having them around severely limits your entertainment options. Not so at MBI’s All Ages Show! This one-hour show is packed with fast-paced, classic, short-form improv comedy. Audience participation is guaranteed and the content is appropriate for kids, as well as grown-ups who appreciate smart, clean comedy.

Grown Up Show (8:00pm-9:30pm) – For those who like their comedy a little bit saucy, our Grown-Up Show features two acts of hilarious improv comedy complete with an intermission. Content is usually rated “PG-13” with an occasional dip into rated “R” humor.

Improv Labs (10:30pm-11:30pm) – If you love improv comedy, Improv Labs are the shows for you. With a different theme each week, Improv Labs give our performers a chance to experiment with some more unique flavors of improv. Perfect for comedy connoisseurs and those who enjoy truly unique experiences you won’t find anywhere else.
guest blog post

Comedy Classes

MBI offers improv comedy classes for all ages and experience levels, from beginners to seasoned pros. While some students take classes to kick off a career in comedy, others are motivated by a desire to become better public speakers or to improve the way they communicate. Whatever their reason, the improv skills taught at MBI’s classes are beneficial to many aspects of our life. Learn more about upcoming classes by visiting MBI’s website.


Playshops are like workshops, only way more fun. Using concepts found in improv comedy, MBI Playshops demonstrate the ways in which improv can help employees communicate more clearly with co-workers and customers, and how to work better as a team.


Give your guests an unforgettable experience by hiring MBI to perform at your next party or special event. MBI’s experienced team of improv comedians work with you to create a show tailored to your specifications. Whether it’s a small party for you and some friends, or huge blowout celebration with thousands in attendance, MBI brings the laughs.


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