Cleaning for Spring

Apartment_Spring_CleaningIt’s supposed to start getting nicer outside and we all know how hard it is to stay indoors here in Wisconsin once the robins return and the sun starts to warm us. But, before we ditch the coats and winter clothes, we need to clean our indoor spaces.

Things We Forget During Spring Cleaning

Obviously, we remember the basics to Spring Cleaning: Changing out clothes and storing winter gear, kitchen and bathroom scrub-downs, cleaning under the couch, etc. How about the “things” you don’t think about?

Flip your mattress: Did you know you should be doing this every three months with the change of the seasons? It’s a good idea to mark it, at least, for spring and maybe fall.

Wash Your Windows: At least, the inside. Make it easier to see your world!

Clean your curtains: When was the last time you dusted them…or, even washed them if you can? It’s also a good time to change out your shower curtain.

Donate Clothes: Rather than put winter clothes away, take a look at what you didn’t use or might not need anymore. There’s someone out there that might be able to use something you don’t anymore.

Organize Your “Office”: You probably have a space where you keep a lot of your mail or extra paperwork. Go through all of it and see what you can get rid of.

Your Medicine Cabinet: You know, over-the-counter medicines and prescriptions do expire. Go through and grab all the expired meds, but don’t flush them. We don’t need them in the water supply.

Did we miss anything that you already do? Let us know some of your Spring Cleaning tips and tricks and good luck!

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