Featured Property: New Stonewood Crossing Luxury Townhomes | Sun Prairie

New to Sun Praire, the Stonewood Crossing property is currently being built! Live in a growing residential area, walking distance to Buck and Honey’s, Prairie Athletic Club, and multiple parks. Each of these rentals offers the high-end finishes of a luxury apartment along with the comfort and privacy of townhome life. These units offer private garages, quartz countertops, stainless steel appliances, luxury vinyl plank flooring, and in-unit washers and dryers. Continue reading

6 Ways to Prepare Yourself for Midterms

Happy first day of March!! As we start off the month and head towards spring, midterms are quickly approaching! These tests can be very stressful and often cause us to feel overwhelmed, overworked, and fatigued. Here are SIX WAYS to help you maintain some sanity this midterm season! Continue reading

How to Make the Most of Your Study Sessions

You know studying is the key to academic success. This has been drilled into your head over and over throughout your entire academic career.  Getting a bad grade is never an easy pill to swallow, but it’s even more gut wrenching when you know the bad grade is the result of poor study habits.

So, what contributes to successful or unsuccessful studying?

Noise, temperature, lighting, distractions, and resources at your go-to study spot are all factors to consider before auto-piloting to your usual location. On top of that, ask yourself these questions: Did you eat before sitting down to study? Have you exercised recently? Do you have a study plan? Is your work area clean? Are you distraction free?

Location is Key!

If you feel like you spend countless hours studying and still have trouble pulling off the grades you want, it could be that you’re simply not studying in the right places for you. We have found that the key to successful studying is actually your study spot.

It doesn’t hurt to try studying in a few different locations to see what works best for you.  Studying different subjects might lead you to different study environments. For example, the perfect setting for studying calculous may not be where you do your best essay writing.  The top places to study on the UW campus are pretty typical. There are countless libraries, two Student Unions, local coffee shops, academic buildings, and of course, the option to study from home.

Check out these pros and cons of Madison’s top study spots and see if you agree.


(photo credit: wisc.edu)

Union South:

  • Variety of study environments in one building
  • Food and other entertainment available
  • Group study conducive

  • Might be interrupted by someone you know
  • Can get very crowded
  • Can be busy and loud near meal times or between classes
 memorial union

(photo credit: wisc.edu)
union2(photo credit: travel wisconsin)

Memorial Union:

  • Near eastside campus buildings (You can study right after class!)
  • Lake views and outdoor seating available (weather permitting)
  • Perfect for solo or group studying

  • Often home to loud social events and meet-ups
  • Non-students often around evenings and weekends
  • Typically busy and loud
Public or Campus Library:

  • Quiet
  • Many seating options (often with outlets!)
  • Spacious tables and private desks/cubicles

  • Few food and drink options
  • Quick to fill-up near finals
  • May need to reserve a room for group study
A State Street Coffee Shop:

  • Great smell and easy access to caffeine
  • Comfortable seating
  • Unique atmosphere and background noise

  • Have to buy something
  • Spots may fill up quickly
  • May harbor distractions such as live music

  • You can’t “forget anything at home”
  • It’s your space to sprawl out in
  • No need to spend money or walk far for a snack break

  • Temptation to watch TV
  • May get too comfortable on a couch or bed
  • Roommates pestering you


It’s an Individual thing

The study spot your friends prefer may not be what works best for you, so be open to the idea of branching out on your own at times.

Virginia tech created an interactive chart to help college students measure their options and choose the study-spot where success is most probable. Try it out, and let us know how your favorite spots stack up.  Feel free to add to our list of pros and cons or make recommendations below in the comments section or on Facebook. It’s not just about more studying; it’s about setting yourself up for success from the beginning.

Planning how you will study is just as important as actually hitting the books. Wishing you happy studies and a successful semester!

Activities to do Outside near Madison Before Spring Hits

It will be April before you know it!  Instead of hibernating inside all winter, there are a few great activities you can try to make the season a little more bearable and a lot more fun.

Winter bucket list ideas.

First of all, snowshoeing is awesome! Find your hiking boots, check out one of the local trails, and rent some snowshoes. Dress warm, and you will not be disappointed. Snowshoeing is a bit of a work out, so don’t wear too many layers.  For a list of great trails in Madison check here: http://www.cityofmadison.com/parks/snowshoeing/ Rent snowshoes from REI, Rutabaga, Fontana, the Arboretum or Outdoor rentals on Campus.

Once you have mastered snowshoeing, cross country skiing is the perfect next step to take with your new found winter sport enthusiasm. You can enjoy cross country skiing in many of the same areas that snowshoeing is available. Some trails do require a trail pass, many of which you can purchase with cash on site. Find ski trails here: http://www.cityofmadison.com/parks/facilities/skiTrails.cfm

If you are willing to travel a little and invest a few dollars for winter entertainment, we recommend trying downhill skiing or snowboarding on area hills. Popular places just outside of Madison include, Tyrol Basin, Cascade, Devils Head, and Christmas Mountain.

Here is the question we have to ask; do you know if there is an outdoor skating rink close to you? Check here: http://www.cityofmadison.com/parks/facilities/iceRinks.cfm. There’s also a new rink at the New Edgewater Hotel! Ice Skating is great solo, on a date, or in a group, which makes it such a promising option for your weekend plans!

For the most affordable fun, convince your roommates to get outside with you! Make snow angels, build a snowman, build an igloo, go sledding, and have a snowball fight. Feel free to watch the movie Snow Day for inspiration.

Now there is something we haven’t tried ourselves yet, but we sure do see a lot of it out on the lake: ice fishing! Just make sure you have a fishing license. Let us know how it goes and any tips you might have.

Have any other fun ideas for ways to make the most of the winter? Post them Here or mention us in a tweet @MadisonProperty

Home Cooked Meals

Welcome back to reality! We know exactly how you are feeling about being back to your routine, classes, homework, studying, the ups and downs of relationships, and stress. If you are like us, you are already missing that quality home cooking you had over the holidays. The ramen noodles, mac & cheese, subs, and pizza making up your current food pyramid are starting to taste bland. And let’s be honest, you are either way too lazy to create an extensive 5 course meal or you just plain don’t have the time. We totally hear you on that!

In the world of immediate gratification, it seems hard to cook. From experience, we can tell you it is well worth it to ditch the processed and prepackaged food for homemade meals. The health benefits are great, your pocketbook won’t feel quite as light, and your taste buds will be much happier with home cooking.

So how would we recommend implementation of cooking into your life? Just make a plan and stick to it! If you have one night a week to dedicate to meal prep, that is all it takes. We have friends who utilize one day on the weekend to cook all their meals for the week. It will take a little discipline and motivation to commit to cooking, but you can do it! The easiest way to have home cooked meals is via crock pot and advanced prep. When you decide to cook for yourself there are a few things you can do to make the process quick and pain free!

shutterstock_171205127First, create a budget.

Determine what you can spend on groceries, and create a list of what you need. (When shopping, buying similar things week in and week out helps you to keep your budget at a steady rate.


Second, make time to prepare in advance.

If you don’t want to cook all your meals in one day, you can still chop fruits and veggies or measure out ingredients in advance so the process is much faster on the day you actually make the meal. There is one last thing we have learned from experience; sometimes you just won’t feel like cooking. Every once and awhile it’s definitely okay to break your new habit of playing top chef. Prepare for these days by keeping some staple items and easy meal options in your pantry. It’s never a bad idea to have plenty of healthy snacks around either 🙂


Third, make meal time a fun adventure with friends or roommates.

Try new things and be creative! Heck, it might not be a bad idea to score some brownie points with your mom by asking her for that one recipe she makes so well. Feel free to share pictures of your delicious home cooked meals on our Facebook page Here. Maybe our like and share will be just the boost you need to keep up the good habit!

For more ideas check out our Easy Meals Board on Pinterest Here.

Bon Appetite!

Apps to Make a UW Student’s Life Easier

Because of society’s focus on constantly improving technology, our world has become more and more mobile-friendly.  While this may complicate your life if you’re not tech-savvy, there are many user-friendly options out there to help simplify your life.

Being a college student is a tough gig – you have classes to attend, friends to make, jobs to work, tests to take, and family to keep in touch with. Balancing all of this can be difficult, but there are apps you can use on your smartphone or tablet to help you keep everything organized and accomplish your goals.

Click on any of the specific App Icons to download.

Madison-Specific Apps

  1. Bucky Book: This app if full of coupon deals. Find coupons for Madison area restaurants and even some retail businesses!
 Bucky Book
  1. Badger Beat: You will be a UW athletic pro with this app! It has pre-game, in-game and post-game analyses, breaking news, blogs and columns, game results, and photo galleries.
 Badger Beat
  1. Hooked: Hooked allows you to see restaurant deals offered near you.  The deals are offered exclusively to those with the app and last for a few hours at a time.
  1. Belly: Belly is used at participating local retail locations as a loyalty program. Individuals who sign up can use the app or a card to interact with the screen at the physical location. You have a chance to win or collect points every time you utilize the app with a purchase.
  1. Mobile UW: This is an App run by The University of Wisconsin, and it contains a lot of helpful information for UW students, faculty, and fans. With this app, you have access to a directory, maps, athletics info, events, bus routes, and more.
 UW App
  1. Fetch: This app has coupons specifically for Fresh Madison Market, a staple if you live in the heart of campus.
  1. Moocho: You can use this App to pay for groceries at Metcalfe’s and other participating stores. It also gives you access to discounts and special offers.
  1. 77 Square: This app is a primary source of local entertainment information. You will find local listings, reviews and recommendations for events, dining, music, movies, arts, and theater. It’s great for ideas on new things to do in Madison.
 77 square
  1. UW Bus: Use this app for real-time bus information. Plan your route and find the most efficient way to get around. Even receive arrival notification!
 UW Bus

 College Student Apps

  1. Self Control / Rescue Time: These time-management apps helps you track how productive you are, so you can save time in the future.
 Rescue Time Self Control
  1. Find My Car! : Have a hard time remembering where you parked? Or how long until your meter is up? This app is for you.
 Find My Car
  1. Circle of 6 : This violence prevention app allows you to contact and alert 6 friends at the touch of a button. It’s the perfect app to have when walking home from the library late at night!
 Circle of 6
  1. Sleep if U Can: This alarm clock app will force you out of bed by sounding obnoxiously until you take a picture of another room.
 Sleep if you can
  1. Wi Fi Finder: This app will show you the nearest Wi-Fi connections and even give you directions to them!
 Wifi Finder
  1. Study Blue: Easily make flash cards and find study tools for your class content.
 Study Blue
  1. Voice Recorder: Use this app to record and save anything from entire lectures to random ideas you have when your fingers are too cold to text walking to class.
 Voice Record
  1. Cliffnotes: You know what this is for…
 Cliff Notes
  1. Evernote: Save information across devices; take notes, keep lists, and stay organized.
  1. Scribd: Perfect for anyone who loves a digital-read; this app will allow you to read unlimited books!
  1. Dropbox /Google Drive: Great for group projects and sharing documents across devices, this app will give you remote access from any browser and computer.
  1. iHomework: This app is like an ultimate assignment notebook, awesome for busy weeks at school!

Creating #Champions4Kids with the American Family Children’s Hospital Radiothon

Making the Madison community a better place has always been one of MPM’s main priorities – Madison is in our name, after all! So when we were invited back to sponsor the 2014 American Family Children’s Hospital (AFCH) Radiothon, we couldn’t say ‘Yes’ fast enough! Last May, the AFCH Radiothon raised more than $613,000! Along with building eight rooms in the hospital’s brand new Neonatal and Pediatric Intensive Care Units, that money provided 1,440 dinners, 350 gas cards, and financial support grants to families with children in the hospital. The Radiothon highlights many children who have benefitted from the hospital’s world-class services, and their touching stories are what drive the contributions that help save more children’s lives. We hope to help increase donations to make this Radiothon more successful than it’s ever been before! Continue reading

Kicking Off #UWHC

Well, Badgers, Homecoming week is here once again, and it’s time to show off your Wisconsin pride! Whether this is your first year in the great city of Madison or you’re a lifelong Badger celebrating for the umpteenth time, you better be wearing your red and repping Wisconsin! The theme of this year’s Homecoming is Giving Back to campus and the Madison community. In light of this, we’d like to highlight some events you can’t miss out on this week! Continue reading