10 Things You Can Let go of by the Time You’re 30 | Guest Blogger – Jane Antonovich

We are excited to welcome Jane Antonovich as our guest blogger this week. Jane is a Feng Shui Designer and Organizational Expert who has worked with MPM in the past at our Galaxie building. She designed the leasing office and the Galaxie model studio and did such a great job. Learn more about Jane at the end of the post.

If you’re holding on to furniture or decor from college or your twenties, It’s time to take a Deep Breath and envision yourself 5 years, even 10 years from now…

What kind of home will you be in? House? Apartment? Condo? Cabin? Bungalow? How will your home feel? Beautiful? Peaceful? Shelter from the fast, zippy world outside?

Will any of the items in this list still be part of your design?

Consider how it would feel to let go of any or all of these as you dream into your future:

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Home Office Solutions for Your Apartment

home office in your apartmentIt can be difficult to work from home when you live in a smaller space, or have to share a space with roommates.  Although it may seem impossible, it definitely is possible.  Below are some ideas, tips and tricks to turn your small or shared space in your apartment into a comfortable home office area.

Finding the Perfect Space for Your Home Office Area

Think about where your ideal work space would be in your apartment.  A place where you can work comfortably and efficiently.  Do you need a quiet space? Do you want to be away from any noises that others are making in the home while you work?  Or are you okay with a little noise and can work through anything?  These are just a few of the things to consider when choosing where your home office space will be.  The second thing to think about is space.

If you are wanting something quiet and away from any other action in the house, think about using a spare bedroom, unused closet, or part of your bedroom.  Think of somewhere that you will not be distracted.  If you are okay working in an area that has lots of traffic or noise when anyone is home, then try to find an area in your living room or hallway that would fit your office space.
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Having a “Grown-Up” Apartment

apartment-organizationNow that you’ve grown up, your apartment needs to suit you. You do not live in a dorm room anymore and you aren’t sharing rooms with several other friends.  There’s no need for a mini-fridge in your room or common area, no need for a white board on the wall to detail tasks and no need for lofts (unless you are utilizing space in a smaller apartment). It’s time to have a “grown-up” apartment. Continue reading

Does Size Matter? Ideas for Smaller Apartments

Whether it’s a studio/efficiency or one bedroom apartment, there’s always that sense that “size matters” gnawing at the back of your mind. While you can’t make your apartment bigger, there are ways to make it “appear” bigger and maximize your living space. Here are just 5 brilliant ideas. We bet you have some of your own you could add! Continue reading

Cleaning for Spring

Apartment_Spring_CleaningIt’s supposed to start getting nicer outside and we all know how hard it is to stay indoors here in Wisconsin once the robins return and the sun starts to warm us. But, before we ditch the coats and winter clothes, we need to clean our indoor spaces. Continue reading

Getting Up Earlier as a College Student

Finding time to get enough sleep as a college student can be tricky.  Between staying up late to study and getting up early for class, it’s easy to miss out those much needed Z’s.  Although setting your clocks back an hour can certainly help, Daylight Savings time can mess with your internal clock and make you even more sleepy than normal. Continue reading

Back at UW-Madison – Tips on Getting Organized


Welcome back to Madison Badgers! It’s time for crisp morning air, long walks to class and late night pizza. If you feel like summer ended suddenly, we hear you. It might be hard to get back into the swing of things, but implement a few of these ideas and you will be back to your college routine in no time.  Continue reading

Practical and Unique Hacks for Apartment Living

A little bit of organization can make apartment life a LOT simpler. It may sound like a lot of work, but life can be easily improved by using just a few creative solutions for overcoming the inconveniences of living in a small space. Continue reading

10 Gadgets to Add to Your Life

New things come out all the time, so it’s hard to keep up. We did a bit of research to find some great gadgets for Madison residents. Here’s what we found!


Magnetic Bike Lights

Don’t worry about finding one that fits your bike. This is one size fits all! Keep it in your pocket/bag and clip it on when you’re ready to go.



Fit Bit

Be a little more contentious about your daily activity. Please include a short explanation of what it does. Set goals for yourself and track your progress.



Charge Pack

Spend the whole day out and about! You can study outside and keep your phone charged throughout your busiest days.



Heated Travel Mug

Gosh, that just sounds amazing during a week as cold as this past one.



Wi-Fi Coffee Maker

Have coffee ready before you step foot in the kitchen. If you have a waterproof phone case, you might even be able to have it start while you’re in the shower!



Smartphone Projector

Watch YouTube on the “big screen” with the roomies.



Cosmetic Holder

Keep your counters and drawers clean.



Carabineer Bands 

There are a lot of creative ways to use these. They are especially great for bike commuters!



Folding Hangers 

Not sure if these work, but they sure are intriguing. If you have them, let us know how they work.



Dashboard Alarm Clock/Thermometer

This looks cool, but it also seems handy. Allow yourself to be phone-free for a little bit in the mornings. A recent study found that phone-free mornings may actually help you maintain a routine and lower your stress level. It might be worth it!



While gadgets make your life easier, they could also just be a fad. Be smart; research a product before you buy it online and ask around. Personal experience is the best way to know if something is awesome or not. Feel free to comment with any of your own recommendations.

No Time for Cleaning?

Your apartment is a mess. You’re sick of it. If you have to look at that pile of clothes for one more minute, you might throw it out the window…but studying for your upcoming exam seems way more important, so you just don’t have time to clean.

You know you would feel better if you got it over with. It’s amazing how living in a clean environment can take some stress out of your life and even help you work more productively within your space. It’s easier to clean up now than to hope you will magically have more time later on.

Don’t let the prospect of tidying up overwhelm you; cleaning doesn’t have to be a long, drawn out process. Even dedicating just 5 or 10 minutes of your day to cleaning one room of your home will make a world of difference!

We hope these quick cleaning tips will help even the busiest individuals get down to it:


  1. Preparation

    1. Have a cleaning bucket ready to go with all of your cleaning supplies.
      1. Rubber Gloves
      2. Window Cleaner
      3. Paper Towels
      4. Rags
      5. Multi-Purpose Cleaner
      6. Sponges
      7. Dustpan and Brush
      8. Scrubbing Brush
      9. Toilet Bowl Cleaner and Brush
      10. Swiffer
    2. Set a timer. If you are really in a time crunch this will help you work harder without worrying about what time it is.
    3. Put some beats on! Playing music while you clean will make the time fly, and the task will be more fun. We suggest listening to something upbeat and fast paced like this playlist: http://8tracks.com/pistolproof/sorry-about-the-mess


  1. Quick Cleaning tips

    1. Clear the clutter (Hint: Decorative baskets and bins are a great way to hide items that you can’t find a home for anywhere else.)
    2. Wash the dishes.
    3. Wipe down all surfaces, the shine will make the room feel much cleaner.
    4. Vacuum or sweep; it won’t take as long as you think and will make future mopping much easier.
    5. Make your bed.
    6. Fluff the pillows.
    7. Spray some Febreze and crack a few windows to make your place smell fresh and clean.
  1. Keeping it Clean

    1. Straighten up regularly. Now that you have experienced how quickly you can clean up, it won’t be so painful to do it more frequently. It will be a lot less work too.
    2. Organization systems help. Use your bins, boxes, and baskets; and clutter will be less likely to pop up.
    3. Consciously put things away when you’re done using them, and clean up messes as they happen. If you are quick to react, you will be on your way to faster relaxation.