10 Camping Hacks + Places to Camp Near Madison, WI

Summer has finally arrived. Now that you’re set with our grilling tips and recipes, it’s time to start planning out the fun summertime activities, like camping. We’ve rounded up 10 of the best Pinterest hacks you can use for camping this summer, plus a list of the camping sites near Madison.

  1. Dirty Shoe Storage

    Keep those shoes from getting your tent dirty. Don’t leave your shoes outside of the tent just because they are dirty. Buy cheap shower caps to place your shoes in while keeping them inside your tent.

  2. DIY Fire Starter

    There are so many hacks for cheap and easy DIY fire starters.  This one is our favorite.  Use an empty toilet paper roll, pack it full of dryer lint and roll it up with wax paper.

  3. Mosquito Repellent

    There’s nothing worse than being eaten alive by mosquitoes during your camping trip. By adding sage to your campfire, it will help keep those pesky mosquitoes away. Use dried up sage and bundle it up with rubber bands like below.

  4. Avoid Injury

    How many of us have tripped and hurt ourselves on these? Our hands are raised! Use cut pool noodles around the tent lines to prevent tripping or injury. Cut the noodles into smaller sections and place on the lines before staking to the ground.

  5. Keep Yout TP Dry

    Do you ever have moist (yes, we said moist) toilet paper while camping? Keep your toilet paper dry by creating this DIY toilet paper dispenser.

  6. DIY Camping Kitchen Supply Organizer

    Use a hanging shoe organizer to organize your kitchen supplies and utensils. Hang it on a tree or inside your tent or canopy. Use the slots for washcloths, silverware, and other needed kitchen supplies for camping.

  7. DIY Grill

    Don’t have space for a grill or your campsite doesn’t have one? Make one out of a tin can. You will still need tinfoil and something to use as a grill grate.

  8. Light It Up

    Maximize your tent lighting by utilizing a gallon of water. Strap a head lamp to a gallon jug of water and your jug will fill with light.

  9. Keep Those Hands Clean

    Something you may forget to do while camping is washing your hands!  Create this DIY hand washing station by using an old, empty laundry detergent container.

  10. DIY Mini First AID Kit

    Lastly, don’t forget the first aid kit. Create your own mini first aid kit with an altoids box or an old prescription bottle. Keep a larger first aid kit on site just in case, but if you need to leave the campsite for a hike, bring the mini kit with you for emergencies.


Camp Sites

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