Apartment Plants…That You Won’t Kill!

Something that many apartment dwellers don’t incorporate into the décor for their new homes are plants! Some people intentionally leave them out for fear that they won’t be able to keep plants alive. Others just don’t even consider the benefits of having an apartment plant. Plants can do wonders for small spaces! They add a bit of beauty to your space, and they even help with your indoor air quality.

Here are 5 of the most neglect-proof plants that will survive your apartment…as long as you give them just a little bit of water, sunlight and, occasionally, some extra love!


These are great little plants that not only serve as a source of greenery in your home but also as living artwork! The delicate art of trimming a bonsai tree can be witnessed with Mr. Miyagi in “Karate Kid”, when he’s not forcing Daniel to scrub the deck and wash the cars. Trimming the bonsai can also help as a form of meditation. They aren’t too finicky…just water them a bit each time the soil is nearly dry.

Jade_PlantJade Plant

Also called a “friendship” or “money tree” (see, money can grow on trees), a jade plant is one of the most common household plants. If given the right conditions, perfect water, trimming and light, you could see white or pink little flowers each spring! And, this is a succulent. That means this plant needs just a little water in the summer and even less in winter. This is a plant that can be killed by overwatering and will survive if you forget water for up to a few weeks!

Snake_Plant_(Sansevieria_trifasciata_'Laurentii')_1Snake Plant

There’s a chance you’ve seen a snake plant in someone’s home…even in your own home growing up or someone else’s apartment. The snake plant is an essential apartment plant because it doesn’t need a lot of light and it rarely needs water. Again, we have a succulent that can survive long periods with little H2O. You actually need to let the soil dry out between watering!

peace lilyPeace Lily

This beautiful house plant grows best in…wait for it… indirect sunlight! It can be anywhere in the apartment as long as sunlight is coming into the room from somewhere. It doesn’t want to be on a windowsill. And, this plant thrives on once a week watering. The soil, like a snake plant, needs to be dry before watering again.


Listen…if you manage to kill a cactus, there might not be any hope for you. Here’s a plant that needs a drop of water once a month. In fact, it needs water so infrequently, that it might be easy to forget to water it all together. You might miss a month…but don’t go two or three. The trick in the winter here in Wisconsin is to keep it away from cold windows. These prickly little plants make for great conversation starters…but watch your pets around them.

There are plenty of plants out there to bring home and care for. We stuck with the easiest in case this is your first time with attempting to keep a plant alive and well. If you’re a green thumb, share your thoughts on great apartment plants!


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