The Apartment Care Package

Even in this age of texts, emails, Snapchat and Messenger, almost everyone still loves getting actual mail. When you open the mailbox and there’s a letter or you see a package has been left for you, the excitement starts to build. It’s almost like Christmas! Whether you are a parent or a friend of an apartment dweller, and want to help kick-start a semester, or just help get them through finals week, here are a few ideas of packages to send to them.

care-package-snacksFor the New Apartment Resident

Help your son, daughter, or friend be “apartment ready” with the essentials! Here’s our checklist for the apartment move-in, but there’s always stuff that’s forgotten or needs replenishing! Tupperware containers or kitchen and bathroom supplies are always an easy gift. Razors are often forgotten but needed by all…or so says mom to her son as he tries to grow that beard during the first semester away. Send the hint! How about toothpaste and soap? For the kitchen: paper plates, napkins and disposable silverware…give them a break from doing the dishes. Don’t forget laundry supplies!

For the Homesick

Nothing makes an apartment homier than having the walls filled.  Art, posters or photos are some of the best items to be placed on the walls to add some sense of home.  Consider sending a frame with a photo of a landmark or buildings around town that will help spark memories of their hometown.  You can even take photos of yourself or other family and friends around town and send it to them, but make it funny! You don’t want them to become more homesick.

Another idea is to send them treats or some sort of food or beverage found only in their hometown.  For example, someone from Wisconsin living out of state may want some fresh cheese curds or some New Glarus Spotted Cow.  Or that friend from Texas that needs somcare-package-from-mome good BBQ Brisket on a Sunday afternoon. Go ahead…spoil them!  Of course, if we are talking about items that are perishable, you’re going to want to overnight the package.

For Finals or a Tough Week Ahead

There’s going to be lots of cramming for finals week, either at home or at the library. Make it easier by sending some cramming essentials: energy drinks, water, quick healthy snacks, and maybe even some sweets. Send meals that are easy to cook such as Mac ‘N Cheese or Ramen Noodles, or you can always send them a gift card to a take-out restaurant or any other quick, on-the-go place to eat.  The goal here is to make their week hassle-free so they can focus on their studies.

One fun add on to any package that you are sending for “stress-relief” is bubble wrap!  If it’s not part of the package for added protection, we found this neat idea to add it to the package like this.packing-bubbles

Apartment care packages can often change the mood for an entire week or month.  Smiles are what you are really sending when you put that apartment care package in the mail! Whatever you send, they will be thankful!

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