5 Must Haves in Your Car in the Winter

With a few more months of winter left in Wisconsin, you should always be prepared, especially when it comes to your vehicle! If you’re commuting to and from work like most of us, your car needs to have the essentials, especially in case of emergency! Here are our 5 must-haves for your car in the winter months!

  1. Scraper
    This is a given and is definitely the number 1 must-have in your vehicle during the winter! Don’t leave home without one in your car, maybe 2 just in case!
  2. Small Shovel
    A small shovel will come in handy if your car gets stuck in a bunch of snow, or you get plowed in while parked on the street or in a parking lot. Don’t just try to drive over it, you may get even more stuck.
  3. Water
    What if you get stranded in a snowstorm? What’s the number one essential for survival? Water! Make sure you have something in your car to keep you hydrated in case of emergency.
  4. Blanket
    Another need in case you’re stranded in a snowstorm. Although it may not happen, that doesn’t mean it can’t happen. You’ve heard stories of people getting trapped in a snowstorm on the highway and not being able to get out of their vehicles. Blankets are essential for keeping warm in emergency situations like this.
  5. Jumper Cables
    These should ALWAYS be in your car, but especially during the winter. The cold weather can sometimes affect your battery. If you don’t have jumper cables, a better, but a little more expensive alternative is to have a portable jump starter!

Now, we know this isn’t everything you need in an emergency, but these are just our essentials. The ReadyWisconsin website has a DIY Winter Survival kit tutorial on theirĀ website here if you’d like to make one! If you don’t want to make your own, you can purchase this ready-to-go kit from the American Red Cross’s site!

Be smart and be safe this winter!



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