Apartment Neighbors and Noise

Something everyone has to deal with, unless you live on a farm or in a cabin in the woods, is neighbors. Those of us who live in apartments quickly get to know quite a bit about neighbors; we know when they get home, when they get up, when they are cooking, when they are watching TV, slamming cupboards, doing laundry, having friends over, etc. They also know the same things us, so remember that. Here are a few things you can do to help limit hear and/or being the culprit of apartment neighbor noise. Continue reading

Budgeting For Your Apartment


You are out of the house, out of the dorms and officially “on your own” in an apartment! It’s a great day to be alive! And now comes the reality of renting an apartment…and really, the reality of life in general: money is a necessity. If you don’t put together a budget for the apartment, you could find yourself heading back to mom and dad’s and the tiny room you grew-up in. Sure, you love that room full of memories, but let’s stick together on this and get you into the grown-up world! Continue reading

The Apartment Checklist

Whether you are moving into your first apartment or you are an “old pro” making yet another move to yet another apartment just down the street, using checklist to help your move go smoothly is a must! You can use a checklist to make sure you have just what you need, organize what you still want to get, and make sure you’re on the same page as your roommates about who is bringing what. Continue reading

Getting Ready to Move

Madison-Move-OutWe are a few short weeks away from the annual “Downtown Moving Day”, and if you aren’t getting ready yet, you should start now. Preparation saves you time, will save you money and will save you lots of frustration. Let’s avoid the stress from moving with a few tips and shortcuts. Continue reading

Moving Back With Parents From Your Apartment

moving-homeMillennials moving back home with their parents isn’t exactly a new phenomenon.  The number of adults who move back in with their folks has increased since 2008; in 2015, one in four adults aged 18-34 moved back home. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, 6.3 million adults age 18 to 24 lived at home in 1960. This number more than doubled to almost 15 million young adults moving in with their parents in 2008. People aren’t just moving home for economic reasons, by the way. Recent studies show that millennials feel a stronger bond with their parents than previous generations, and they actually want to spend time with their immediate families. If you’re considering moving back in with dear old Mom and Dad, here are a few things to consider before packing your bags: Continue reading

Having a “Grown-Up” Apartment

apartment-organizationNow that you’ve grown up, your apartment needs to suit you. You do not live in a dorm room anymore and you aren’t sharing rooms with several other friends.  There’s no need for a mini-fridge in your room or common area, no need for a white board on the wall to detail tasks and no need for lofts (unless you are utilizing space in a smaller apartment). It’s time to have a “grown-up” apartment. Continue reading

Get Faster Wi-Fi in Your Apartment

wi_fiAre you wondering why downloading files is slower at some times and faster at other times?  Or that you might not be getting the full speed that you pay the provider for each month? It happens to everyone and there are some things you can do to speed-up your own Wi-Fi internet connection. Continue reading

Moving Into an Apartment with Your Partner

kissing-coupleMoving into an apartment with your partner is a very exciting, big step!  One of the major reasons couples move in with each other is efficiency.  It’s more convenient and much cheaper to pay one rent at one location verses paying two rents at two different locations.  Before you make the big leap into co-habitation, here are some ideas to help make the transition easier for both of you. Continue reading

Golf in Madison

golf_MadisonGolfers have a love/hate relationship with the game of golf and actually golfing. Ask many golfers and they will tell you that the game is all about challenging yourself…it’s just you and a little white ball and the course.

If you have never played golf before, now’s the time to start and pick-up a great spring/summer/fall Madison Wisconsin outdoor activity.  The Greater Madison area has some of the best public golf courses – here are just a few. Continue reading